Is Parenting The Sole Responsibility of Mothers?

Dear Love Doctor,

I want to ask, is it the sole responsibility of the woman to train her children without the husband being involved?

Why I am asking is because my fiancé said that is only the woman that trains the children while the man provides.

He state that he grew up with his mum training them alone and that his dad didn’t have that time for them at all.

I told him it shouldn’t be so because I and my siblings grew up with my parents training and taking care of us together.


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My Dad was available even more than my Mom.

He admitted that he didn’t like it that his father was unavailable throughout his childhood but is insisting that it is the norm.

This issue has resulted to a huge disagreement between and our wedding is just a month away.

Please, what did I do wrong?

What can I do to improve our relationship?

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