How To Become A High Value Woman Every Man Wants to Marry

Have you ever wondered why your man left you for a lady that’s not as attractive and charming as you? I mean, she’s shapeless, ugly, and unattractive, yet he treats her like the goddess of beauty herself. Unlike what you think, it’s not magic; it’s because she’s a high value woman. 

A high value woman is a feminine, unique, and strong lady who knows what she wants in life and strive towards it. She’s the best among women, and when you spend a little time with her, she casts a spell on you that makes it almost impossible to forget her. 

Again, being a high value woman goes beyond attraction and physical beauty. It’s something more profound than physical beauty. In a nutshell, it’s about the aura you exudes when around the opposite gender. Interestingly, you can develop the traits that will make you a woman of immeasurable value. But it takes constant practice to become part of you. 

Even though you have low-self esteem, you can reborn yourself to become a high value woman. The process is not too difficult. But it requires a level of hard work from your ends. 

Don’t deceive yourself; no guy wants to be with a whiney lady who’s helpless and always looking for who to save her. 

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9 Ways to Become The High-Value Woman Every Man Wants to Marry 

Are you ready to turn your relationship life around? Do you want every guy you meet to treat you like a goddess? If yes, check out these tips to become the high value woman every man craves. 

#1. Have a Sense of Dignity and Self-Respect 

Sometimes, dating is a double-edged sword. Of course, it’s fun and brings a fantastic experience. But it can also be stressful, frustrating, and painful. 

However, how your partner treats you in a relationship sometimes depends on your self-respect and dignity. If you have a sense of dignity and self-respect, you won’t allow any man to disrespect or abuse you. 

As a rule, never engage in anything that could affect your self-worth or self-respect. If you trade your self-respect and dignity for a man’s love, you may just become a doormat. Trust me, that man will always leave you for a high value woman.

#2. Understand the Fact that You are In Charge of Your Happiness 

One of the best ways to become a high value woman is to realize that you are in charge of your happiness. Sadly, most ladies out there believe that until they find a lovely who would spoil, adore, and love them, they can’t be happy. 

It’s time to reprogram your mind to be happy alone. And if you can do this, you will see that better men would want to spend more time with you because of the aura you exude. 

At all times, work on your happiness. And responsible men would want to be part of it. A good man will share in your joy and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. 

#3. Value Your Physical Intimacy  

One of the easiest ways to become a high value woman is to value your physical intimacy. It doesn’t make sense to allow a guy to have carnal knowledge of you after the first or second date. 

Of course, you may think it’s normal; after all, you are an adult. But if you want every man you meet to treat you like a goddess, you must value your physical and social intimacies. 

Before you allow any man taste from the honey pot, ensure that he truly deserves it. Not some random dude who you barely know. 

Here are two reasons why you should value your physical intimacy; 

  • It’s in human nature to place a high value on anything they work hard to get. And this applies to man vis-a-vis his relationship with you. If it takes him serious hardwork to get her laid, he may fall in love in the process and hold you in high esteem. 
  • You tend to be attached to a man after having physical intimacy with him. That’s why it’s advisable to delay the intimacy for a while because once you get down with him, your brain releases chemicals that are likely to make you fall in love. But if you want to cast a love spell on any guy, delay physical intimacy, and he will never get tired of you.

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#4. Put Value on Social Intimacy 

Social intimacy is another area ladies goof these days. Just because you are attracted to a guy isn’t enough to connect with him immediately on social media. Sometimes, it gives the guy a wrong impression. 

Of course, it can be tempting; you just want to connect with him on social media and start chatting. “Aunty, calm down.” Don’t rush things when you meet a guy. Otherwise, you may become his next victim. 

Again, when he connects with you on social media, he tends to know a whole lot of things about you. And it doesn’t make sense. Ideally, a guy should know more about you by taking you on a date and have a conversation with you. Otherwise, he may not really take you seriously. 

#5. Don’t Take Any Guy Serious Unless He’s Genuinely Interested in You 

Just you know, there are many ‘Yoruba demons’ out there who’s interested in getting you laid. And once they have carnal knowledge of you, they start giving you a serious attitude. 

Before you take any man seriously, ensure that you rank high on his priority list. It’s as simple as that. A relationship is about reciprocity ‘you scratch my back, I scratch your back.’ And If the attention and love are lopsided, the party tends to take advantage of it. 

#6. Don’t Do the Chasing 

Your greatest asset as a woman is your femininity. Once you know how to use it well, you can always flip the switch of love in any man’s brain. 

It’s never in a woman’s place to do the chasing. Leave that for the guys; they are natural hunters and let them hunt you. C’mon! What’s the fun there if you ladies start chasing men? 

If a man genuinely loves you, he will do the chasing. In fact, he will go the extra mile to make you happy.

However, if you are interested in the guy, you can initiate the first contact. Give him the signs that you are interested in. And let him do the chasing after that. 

#7. Learn How to Appeal to Their Romantic Side 

Being feminine whenever you are around your man is another right way to become a high value woman. Irrespective of your strength, try to make him feel like a hero.

For instance, always make him feel like your protector whenever you are around him. It doesn’t matter if you are an influential CEO or have a black belt in martial art, always make him feel like a hero. And he will treat you with respect. 

#8. Be Authentic 

Let me tell you a secret most people don’t know. You are the best version of yourself. And don’t allow your love for any guy to make you alter who you are. 

Trust me; you will always gain your man’s respect and adoration if you disagree with him on issues you genuinely don’t like. 

Of course, there’s nothing bad about pleasing your man. But try not to bend and adjust your boundaries in the process. 

Surprisingly, most women who are getting goddess treatment from their men believe that men are more obsessed about you if you show little or no interest in them. 

So, if you like a man so much, try to be strict with your boundaries. Otherwise, you may end up losing your self-respect. 

#9. Don’t Always Be Available. 

It’s wrong to always be available for your man. Come to think of it; you have a life to live. It doesn’t make sense to cancel your schedule just because you received an impromptu call from your man. 

When you aren’t always available, your man will respect your time and make every moment he spends with you count. 

Being a high value woman means allowing the femininity in you to take charge. It goes beyond beauty and enables you to exude a particular aura that casts a spell on any man. 

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