Help!!! My Hubby Has Left Me for Another Woman

Dear Love Doctor,


It all started in the year 2017 when I met with this guy on a blind date.

Things progressed smoothly afterward and we started dating officially.


Truth be told, I didn’t love him from the start but the love he showered me with was overwhelming, I couldn’t see myself letting it go.

After 3 months, I got pregnant for him and I told him about it. He was elated and asked that I keep the baby because he was going to marry me.

After much deliberations, I decided to keep the baby.

He came and made his intentions known to my people. Meanwhile, his mother didn’t seem to like me as she ignored every single thing we shared.

Knowing how mothers can be, I advise him not to go ahead with the marriage without her approval.

I moved in with him and put to birth a bouncing baby boy. The feeling was heavenly.

The following year I got pregnant again and put to birth to another baby boy, making them two.


Amidst all these, I was still trying to win his mother’s love all my effort yielded nothing.

After my second son’s first birthday, I started noticing some changes in the behavior of my hubby.

I probed him and he said I was just overthinking and all of that.

Sadly, I found out that he was cheating and this was after the trials became obvious, he couldn’t cover them with lies anymore.

He kept several girls.

If heartbroken were an individual, it would be identical to me. He continued with this pattern that he even stopped coming home.


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For weeks he was away, no calls, no texts.

I was forced to move to my parents’ house.

When he realized himself, he came and pleaded and pleaded and I forgave him.


However, I didn’t know this was just the beginning.

After we settled, I took in and he asked that I flush it away. I obeyed.

Another time, he requested that I flush it away. I obeyed.

Another time, he made the same request and I obeyed.


When I took in again, I hid it from him.

When he found out, he asked that I terminate the baby to which I refused because I knew how I almost lost my life the last time.

He started beefing with me.

He avoided me like a plague till the day I went to deliver.

I was responsible for myself and my boys because he stopped taking responsibility.

During childbirth, I suffered severe complications because of the abortions.

It was scary.


My hubby didn’t show up at the hospital.

I was there for over a month and he never for once visited to check up on me.

Eventually, when I got home, i noticed that another Lady has moved in.


Sir, please I need your advice.

What should I do?

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