Finding It Hard To Say I Miss You? 7 Best Ways To Express How Much You Miss Your Spouse(2023)

 7 Short Missing You Poems

1. Lonely Hours

My days stretch long without you,

Lonely hours passing slow.

In night’s darkness, I dream of you,

Your smile, your laughter’s flow.

Across the miles, my heart still sings,

‘Come home to me’ is my refrain.

2. The Moon Still Rises

My love, your absence deepens,

A hollow in my chest where your head once lay.

The moon still rises but shines less bright

Without you here to share its soft light.

My heart beats your name through the long night

As I await the blessed dawn of your return.

3. The Silent Hour

I miss you in the silent hour

When shadows stretch thin and long.

In the startled bird’s lonely cry

Echoing his mournful song.

In the sigh of wind through the trees

And the shiver of leaves in the breeze.

In the fading bloom, the dying light,

My aching heart calls your name at night.

4. Fade to Gray

My love,

Without you, the moon’s glow is but a pale whisper

The stars, cold and remote.

How can I marvel at the night sky’s beauty

When you are not here to gaze with me?

The world’s brilliance dims in your absence,

Its colors fade to gray.

My hands ache to caress you again,

To feel the warmth of you near.

The days trudge by, empty of music,

While my heart beats your name.

Return to me in dreams, if not in flesh

For you are my light, my all.

5. Summer Breeze

The days are bright, though we’re apart

Our souls still woven close at heart.

This distance is but a brief span—

Our joyful reunion’s at hand!

Love’s light endures all trials with ease

We’ll embrace again on a sweet summer’s breeze.

6. Lost at Sea

The shore is lonely without your footprints next to mine,

Our names no longer written in the sand.

The crash of waves falls hollow to my ear

And reminds me that my heart is hollow, too.

Once playful, a salty breeze stings my cheeks and eyes.

And the rolling dunes grow static

Without your long, determined strides.

Far and wide is the horizon – so vast without you.

There is no glimmer of a boat or solitary bird.

I am lost at sea alone, waiting for the tide to turn.

7. Glimmer

Your smile lights up my life

In your absence, days are dim

Laughter we once shared

Memories glimmer in the dark

Counting moments til you return

8. Missing You Haiku

Nights ache without you, love

The moon’s light dimmed by our distance

My soul waits for you

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