5 Safety Ways To Breastfeed With Pierced Nipples In 2023

5 Tips to breastfeed with pierced nipples

To safely breastfeed with pierced nipples, you can follow these easy tips –

1. Remove jewellery

Take out the nipple jewellery before breastfeeding to prevent any potential harm to your baby and facilitate proper milk flow, says the expert. There can be choking hazards for the baby.

2. Maintain good hygiene

Keep the pierced area clean to minimize the risk of infection. Regularly clean the piercing with a saline solution or mild soap.

3. Look for complications

Watch out for signs of blocked ducts, infection, nipple damage or nipple pain. If you see any of these problems then seek medical attention.

4. Seek professional advice

Don’t be afraid to check with your doctor about nipple piercing and breastfeeding complications. You can take help from a lactation consultant who can provide personalized guidance and support you throughout the breastfeeding journey.

5. Consider temporary removal of jewellery

Instead of just removing the jewellery during breastfeeding, you can consider
keeping it in a box for a few months. If you experience persistent issues or difficulties, you can temporarily remove the piercing during the breastfeeding period. It is something that might be recommended to promote optimal breastfeeding outcomes.

While some women can easily breastfeed with nipple piercing, others, end up having problems. But it’s best to know about the potential health risks before getting your nipples pierced, especially if you are breastfeeding.

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