Why Sigma Male is Emotionally Stable

The sigma males’ emotional stability is sometimes baffling. They may be having a bad day or experiencing great challenges, yet they will remain calm. 


The lone wolves are realistic about life. They know that it’s not all rosy and sometimes things won’t go as planned. 


In fact, the sigma males see disappointments and challenges as part of the things that make life interesting. 


They are not like an average man who is obsessively focused on unrealistically positive expectations. 


Most men these days want to be happier, healthier, and better than the rest. In fact, they want to be smarter, faster, richer, sexier, more popular, more productive, more envied, and admired. 


These guys have very weird fantasies about this world. I mean, they want to fly their helicopter to their wonderfully fulfilling job where they spend their days doing a great job to save the world. 


O Boy!!!! Life is not all rosy. 


If you take a moment and reflect on what I said earlier, you will realise one thing – All the positive and amazing fantasies you have about life are actually fixating on the things you lack. 


And when you live your life expecting to have everything at your beck and call, you tend to feel disappointed when things don’t go your way. 


This could affect you psychologically, physically, and emotionally.


But sigma males have a very unique mindset. They see life from a completely different perspective.


They know that for every positive experience one gets, there are several negative experience people didn’t know about 


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For every success one records, there were several failures that went unnoticed. 


Life is full of uncertainty. Sigma males realise this fact and sometimes want to feel life as it happens. 


That explains why the sigma male is emotionally stable. 


If you have been wondering why the Lone wolves are emotionally stable and focused regardless of the situation, this article is for you. 


Every sigma male realises one fact – they are in charge of their own reality. I know most people may find this difficult to accept. 


But some of the greatest men in history are those people who figure out ways to create their own reality. 


They are in control of 80% of what happens to them in their lives. 


The sigma males would rather change his life than to complain about it. 


The lone wolves understand the psychology of emotions. And they know that people unconsciously give their emotional power to external forces. 


Over time, these forces will start triggering these people’s emotions and make them become the worst version of themselves. 


However, the sigma males don’t allow external forces to trigger their emotions. They always put their emotions in check regardless of what is happening. 


The sigma males live a life devoid of ego and unnecessary worries, this gives them inner peace and emotional stability. 


The sigma males know that Ego is a dangerous emotion that can destroy anything. It can start a war, destroy a tribe, and burn a country. 


Even though Ego is a kind of survival mechanism, it could be animalistic when not used the right way. 


But in reality, the only way you can develop a more conscious mindset is to let go of ego and the need to always prove a point. 


If you allow your Ego to continue to grow, it will eventually consume your conscious mind and turn you into an emotional douchebag. 


When this happens, you will start reacting to issues instead of responding. 


But this is why sigma males are gods among men. They can subdue their ego, control their negative emotions, and strategically respond to issues rather than reacting.


In a nutshell, they have a way of responding to situations from inner control. 


The lone wolves believe that whenever you are overwhelmed by your ego, you can’t see the bigger picture. 


Your ego will always make reference to the things you lack, and how the world has been unfair towards you. 


The sigma males may experience a series of disappointments, negative experiences, and failures, but they never react to life, rather they respond. 


The sigma males don’t always accept interpretation from their minds regarding what is happening.


And that is because the mind’s analysis is based on past experiences or incomplete data. 


However, sigma males drive life for within. That is why it’s easy for them to control their emotions. 


It gives the sigma males a high level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. It doesn’t matter how ugly or broke a sigma male is, he will alway be loved. 


And that is because the lone wolves have a way of identifying with their inner being, waking up to their reality, and creating it accordingly. 


With this, the sigma males will alway be in control of his emotions no matter what happens. 


Are you in control of your emotions?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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