10 Unspoken Indications He Has Feelings For You

It is easy to detect feelings , if you know the right spot. Sometimes you’re on a date with a woman, and although the conversation flows, you’re not sure how she feels about you. Your problem is that you’re probably paying too much attention to to the conversation and not listening for the nonverbal cues. Communication is made up of a combination of spoken words, tone, and body language. If you get caught on only one part of any of those, you’re only getting part of the picture.

This is a list of 10 common nonverbal signs that she likes you:

1. Strong Eye Contact
You’ve heard eyes are the window to the soul and all that. If your date is making eye contact with you, it’s a sign she’s trying to strike up a connection. Most emotional expression requires strong use of the eyes. They can convey a lot of information about a person’s feelings.  Studies also suggest that pupils dilate when sexually aroused, so keep an eye open for that, no pun intended.

This is a more subtle sign of flirtation. Playing with or twirling hair can mean that she is feeling playful or possibly nervous. We all know the feeling of our heart beating out of our chest when on a date with someone we’re excited about. For some, it comes out in leg shaking or finger drumming. For others, it’s hair twirling.

3. Open Posture
One of the tips you get in a public speaking course is to open your body. The same goes for dating. To broaden your shoulder span conveys confidence and is an invitation to connect. If she does this on a date, this could be a sign that she trusts you.

4. Light Touching
If your date is in a quiet setting, you might notice her touch your arm or leg lightly. This is a definite sign of connection. Physical contact is one of the ways humans bond. If there’s physical contact on a date there is a good chance she likes you.

5. Smiling
While this one may seem obvious, in good conscience, I can’t skip over it. A true or duchenne smile, is a smile that crinkles the corner of our eyes. The crinkle is the way our brain recognizes the difference between a genuine smile and the smiles we we pass off every day to be polite. If she is flashing you with a lots of duchenne smiles, she probably feels comfortable in your company. There’s a good chance she likes you.

6. Head Tilting
 The research is in head tilting is scientifically proven to make people more attractive. Women are perceived to be more attractive if they pull their heads forward and look up slightly. If her head is tilted, it’s a sign.

7. “Accidental” Bumping
Sometimes, you’ll find yourself on an action date. These dates are about moving around and being on the go. Action dates allow you to create memorable experiences through movement and play. If you’re on a romantic walk through the city, you might notice her “accidentally” bumping into you. Similar to playful touching, she’s probably trying to make a connection.

8. Blushing
When we’re with our crush, we all get a little red in the face from time to time. If a woman gets a little blushy, it means she’s probably feeling comfortable and having a good time. This is always a good sign.

9. Mirroring
Mirroring is when your date copies your behavior. It’s an empathetic response. Basically, when you do something, she follows suit. You text her, she texts you back. You include her in plans, she does the same. If you find that she’s copying your lead more and more, she’s mirroring. Mirroring is a good sign that she likes you.

10. Nostril Flares
Flaring nostrils is a biological sign of arousal, which means it’s instinctual. If you’re date does this, the nonverbal signs point to the date going well.

If you’ve experienced any of all of these, it’s, well, a good sign. However, they’re just signs. It’s important to take all of the signals in context. Remember that these signs go alongside tonal and verbal communication to get the full message.

Be respectful of the people you date. If someone says you’re making them uncomfortable, don’t use these signs as evidence that they’re leaving something unsaid. The whole goal of dating is to find someone whose company you enjoy that feels the same. It’s a partnership, so throw it out there and see what sticks. It doesn’t matter how many signs are out there, if the answer is a no then it’s a no. That said, take these tips and get out there.

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