5 Signs Someone is a Fake Friend

Nothing breaks your heart more than being betrayed by someone you called your friend. Backstabbing or betrayal from friends is so painful. 


But you can’t really stop people from taking these actions against you. However, you can decide who becomes your friend. And with a few good friends, you are less likely to be betrayed or backstabbed. 

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If you are wondering whether someone you call your friend is real or fake, here are 5 signs someone is a fake friend. 


#1. They Use You More Than They Enjoy Your Company  


It’s easy to spot a fake friend. They are selfish and greedy. All they care about is themselves, not you. 


They only reach out to you when they need your help with something. And once you help them out, you won’t hear from them again. 


If your “so-called” friends like to use you more than they enjoy your company, you don’t need a soothsayer to know that they are fake. 


These types of friends may kick off the friendship on a good note. They may have a good conversation style and pretend to love you genuinely. 


But you can’t hide the truth forever. A fake friend can’t pretend for so long. After a while, their mask will fall off. And when this happens, you will start seeing their real intentions. 


They will only visit or reach out to you when it’s convenient for them. Whenever you call them to help you with something, they will always have an excuse to give. 


Friendship is a symbiotic relationship. That means it’s a give-and-take relationship. And if your “so called” friend is only around you when he needs something from you, just know that he or she is a fake friend. 


#2. Imbalance in Communication 


Communication is the foundation upon which good friendships are built. But if someone claims to be your friend, yet they don’t make an effort to reach out to you unless you call them, they constantly ghost you and have a habit of canceling the plans you guys have; that person is a fake friend. 


It’s advisable you start investing in more worthwhile and loyal friends. Friendship is a two-way thing, and you also deserve support, attention, and respect. Anybody who isn’t giving that is not worthy of being your friend. 


#3. They Compete With You Secretly 


It’s a bit tricky to point out if someone you call your friend is secretly competing with you, especially if that person has a passive-aggressive personality. 


But pay close attention to how that person reacts to your progress and achievement.  


Does he always tell you “congratulations with a smile, but secretly wants to beat you?” or is he a naturally jealous person? Again, does he constantly make an effort to copy you or try to be like you?


Don’t forget that most times, copying is an attempt to steal your identity. And if the person you called a friend always tries to keep up and become a replica of you, it’s one of the signs that he or she is a fake friend. 


Now let me clarify something. There’s nothing wrong if your friend asks you to teach them how to be as successful as you. But if he tries to take it as a competition, it’s one of the signs that he’s a fake friend. 


#4. They Bring You More Drama than Support 


Fake friends bring more drama to your life than support. If you have a strong aversion to drama, it’s essential not to be friends with anybody who enjoys gossiping and stirring up trouble. 


Always remember that a great friend is somebody who gives you support when you need it the most. Somebody who always makes you happy when you are around them. And they always provide you with a safe space where you can confide in them. 


If your “so-called friend” enjoys talking bad about other people and their own friends. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that they will talk bad about you too. 


So, it’s best you stay away from such people. Trust me; they don’t worth your time, attention, and, more importantly, your support. 


#5. They Make Everything About Them 


One of the things fake friends do frequently is constantly making everything about them. And if you try to establish boundaries in your friendship, they make it about themselves. 


They would want to guilt-trap you with the statement, “if you were my real friend, you would do this thing for me”. Oops! That’s a very wrong way to make a demand.

And if your friend doesn’t respect your personal boundaries and resorts to always guilt-trap you to get your attention, that’s a sign that they are fake. You surely don’t need them in your life. 

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