Letter to Your Daughter: 13 Thoughtful Expressions To Take Into Account

Add these to your personal file for “letters to daughter from mother” or “ inspiration letter’ to daughter from father” (though you probably have better file names).

These are more specific but not so narrowly focused you can’t make them your own.

1. “I am so proud of you!”

Everyone wants their parents to be proud of them — even to brag about them to anyone willing to listen.

Who doesn’t love to know that mom or dad bragged to a friend or relative about their child’s accomplishments?

Keep in mind the reason for your pride matters, too. If you gush over your daughter’s beauty, for example, but ignore the merits of her mind or personality, she’ll notice.

Being proud of the  anuthetic person your daughter is gives her the validation she deserves and craves from you.

2. “You continually amaze me.”

This statement is similar to the previous sentiment but with some awe mixed in. You look at your daughter and think, “What will she do next? Just when I think she can’t surprise me anymore (in the best way)… she does!” You want her to know that, too. She wants to believe you’re paying attention and are impressed by what she’s accomplished and genuinely interested in what she has in the works.

3. “I have no doubt you’ll do great things because….”

Let your daughter know she’s taught you to expect great things of her. At the same time, be sure to tell her that she doesn’t have to keep raising the bar to earn her pride.

You just won’t be (as) surprised if she does.

4. “I love you with all my heart and soul.”

You’ve probably said “I love you” more times than you can remember, but it can’t hurt to let your daughter know those words aren’t just something you say to end a conversation.

Let her know your love goes deeper and colors every thought you have about her. She occupies a place in your heart designed especially for her. And she always will.

5. “You are beautiful — inside and out.”

Every girl wants to know she’s beautiful to someone, and what her parents think of her matters. It might feel awkward to let her know you think she’s attractive, adorable, beautiful, or gorgeous, but it’s still good to hear (or read).

More than that, let her know her beauty goes deeper than what she sees in the mirror.

6. “You always do your best, and I love that about you.”

It’s essential to communicate to your daughter that this matters more to you than her grades or other noteworthy accomplishments.

If she feels rewarded for doing her best, she’s more likely to continue from early childhood well into her adult years.

You’ve noticed her doing the best she can, whatever the circumstances. And you’ve no doubt she’s leaving the world better than it was, starting with her effect on you.

7. “You’re braver / stronger / smarter than you realize.”

When your daughter doubts herself, let her know you see her strength, courage, and brilliance even when she doesn’t. Give her some examples of moments when she displayed these qualities.

And let her know you admire those traits, and you know others will, too.

Every child wants to know their parents see these qualities in them. If you do, it helps your daughter to see those qualities in herself.

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