Should A Couple Move In Together? 15 Indices You’re Both Prepared In 2023

We’ve discussed the red flags to consider before deciding whether to move in as couple.

Now, let’s take a glass-half-full approach and explore 15 signs that you’re both ready to cohabitate.

1. You Basically Live Together Already

Do you pretty much live together already? If it’s been many moons since you’ve stayed apart, and you’re getting along fine, it’s probably safe to consolidate.

2. You’re Both on the Same Page About the Relationship

Have you talked about where you both see the relationship headed? Are you on the same page? If you’re not mature or committed enough to talk about a future with each other, moving in together may not be the wisest step. But if you’re walking in the same direction toward something serious, then cohabitating may make the most sense.

3. You’re Financially Ready

Money matters when you live with your lover. Are you ready to pay your way? Do you have debt that could affect your arrangement? Have you told your partner about it?

If you can’t support yourself, moving in with another person may not be a good idea. First, get on your own two feet. The process is a lot more enjoyable if you are.

4. You’re Financially Communicative

You must be open about your base financial situation, but you also should be willing to communicate about money continually and effectively. Hidden purchases and expenses always eventually erupt.

But if you’re open and honest with your partner, and feel comfortable with their financial health, pat yourself on the back. You’re adult enough to take it to the next level.

5. You Know How To Communicate With Each Other

Can you easily bring up difficult topics with your significant other? Do you know how to disagree without immediately blowing up? Can you tell when the other person needs space? You’re probably ready to cohabitate if you can confidently answer all these questions with a “yes.”

6. Saving Money Isn’t Your Only Motivation

It’s not just about saving money. Instead, you two are ready to elevate the partnership to the next level.

7. You’re Supportive of Each Other’s Goals

Is the relationship lopsided? Does one of you put more effort into the relationship? If you have each other’s back, then you’ve checked off another cohabitation requirement.

8. You’re Comfortable With How To Split the Rent

You’ve talked about how you’ll split the rent, and you’re both 100% comfortable with the agreement. It’s also wise to discuss a backup plan if one of you cannot fulfill your end one month.

9. You Can Deal With the Other Person’s Mess

Sure, it may annoy you sometimes, but your partner’s messes don’t send you over the edge — and vice versa. What about chores? Have you decided how to split them up? If you’ve covered all these bases, you’re probably ready to share a roof.

10. You’ve Successfully Taken a Long Trip Together

Many relationship therapists suggest taking a long trip together. It’s a great way to gauge how you’ll react when forced to be with the other person all the time.

If you’ve done it and enjoyed the closeness, that’s one more clue that you may be ready to live together.

11. You’re Not Hiding Major Secrets

If you’re still keeping major secrets from your significant other, it’s wise to reevaluate the relationship. Why don’t you feel comfortable telling them certain things?

However, if you can share your deepest, darkest secrets with your partner, it’s a sign that you’re ready to cohabitate.

12. You’ve Survived a Huge Fight

Couples that always fight usually don’t survive — but neither do couples that bottle up their feelings.

If you’re thinking about moving in together, you should have at least one major fight under your belt. Living together can be tricky, and you need to have experience working your way through conflicts.

13. You Feel the Same Way About Pets

Pets can make or break a relationship — so talk about them before moving in together. Are you on the same page in terms of four-paw family members?

Do you agree on the cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, or reptiles question if you’re both pro-pet?

If you both have the same attitude toward non-human “children,” that bodes well for taking the next step toward cohabitation.

14. You’re Secure Enough To Talk “Worst Case Scenarios”

You’re not ready to cohabitate if you’re uncomfortable talking through “what ifs” — including “what if we break up.” Always have a contingency plan. Life is unpredictable.

15. Your Gut Says “Yes”

Consult your gut. As we mentioned above, it’s a capable radar. Trust it if it’s signaling that all systems are ready for liftoff! But even so, put your head and heart above your gut on this decision.

Sometimes you can mistake a romantic notion for intuition.

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