I Caught My Brother’s Wife in a Hotel With Another Man

Dear Love Doctor,


I promise to make this a brief one and I ask that you advise me on what to do.

I caught my brother’s wife in a hotel. I had traveled for a wedding for which I was the maid of honour, so I had to lodge in that hotel with my friends — the bridesmaids.


My friends advised me to tell my brother but I couldn’t find the courage because my brother is also cheating on his wife with his ex-girlfriend.


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When we — my parents and my siblings — found out, we pleaded with him to stop but he refused. We tried everything to dissuade him, all to no avail. And I was shocked to find out that his wife was also playing the same dirty game as him.


As it stands, I am convinced they’re perfect for each other; very deserving of themselves.


However, i don’t seem to understand his wife’s actions.

I mean what would even prompt a mother of three to leave her husband and go outside to cheat?

I really respect my sister-in-law and I can’t say I understand the pain that made her decide to cheat back and i am confused on how to approach the issue.

Should I encourage her to leave my brother?

Because I sincerely believe that trash is trash, be it my blood or whatever. My brother has never been a good husband to her and I hate him for that.

Now that it has escalated to this point, what do you think I should do?

Let them cheat on each other freely? Or ask my sister-in-law to leave the marriage?

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