My Husband is Heartless and Unappreciative

Dear Love Doctor,

Why is it that most men take their good and submissive wives for granted?

I met my husband when I was in school when I was in 300 level and we got married after my final year.

Then, he provide me with allowance of 5,000 or 10,000 occasionally from the work he was doing then.

After my wedding, I got s job.

Once we got paid, he asked that I give him the money which I did. He gave me10,000 for my upkeep and 50,000 to stock up the house.

However, I wasn’t comfortable with the whole idea of him saving my money or holding it because I have heard stories.

True to my fear, he started shouting about how I was stingy and didn’t intend to build with him which almost led to a full blown quarrel so I had to succumb.

From our savings, we purchased some basic household items and furniture.

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Currently, I got laid off from work and had to withdraw money from his account which was supposed to be our account only for him to shout and keep malice with me for days.

Next thing he did was to move the money into a different account and stopped me from dishing his food.

He went ahead to do other things just to strip me of whatever right I had in my matrimonial home and I have been nothing but broken.

I don’t know what I did to deserve that. He has said a lot of hurtful things whenever we try to talk about it and I have been forced to start job hunting.

I reported him to his family and he still didn’t change. He gives me silent treatment at will and has been keeping malice with me for a long long time.

I have decided to never support him with a dime if I’m to get this job.

Please I need your advise.

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