How To FaceTime Your Crush Without Making It Awful

1. Keep it light

Although you can get to know someone pretty well through video chatting, it usually takes meeting up in person to figure out just how deep the connection goes. You can’t know how their hands feel holding yours, or how they act on a date out when you’re not physically there with them.

So try not to get too overly invested before planning to meet in real life. Keep the conversation light and relaxed when FaceTiming your crush. Try out questions along the lines of, “What’s been your most recent binge watch?” and avoid ones like, “So, how many kids do you want someday?”

2. Go on a virtual date

Virtual dates are all the craze right now. Not only are they fun but they’re also a great way to avoid the dreaded awkwardness. When thinking about how to FaceTime your crush, this is an option not to be missed.

Wherever you choose to go, traveling the world from your couch is a fun way to keep the conversation flowing.

3. Incorporate a movie into your chat

When considering how to FaceTime your crush, watching a movie together is a great option. Try out a platform like Teleparty, which lets you and your crush watch your favorite shows in real-time together. Pick something that you haven’t seen before but don’t mind chatting over (like a notoriously bad movie). Or, choose the latest blockbuster that you both really wanted to see.

This way, there’s always something to talk about because there’s another form of entertainment to distract you from any potentially awkward moments. There’ll also be less pressure to keep the conversation going if you’re both relaxed watching a movie together.

4. Try out a game or quiz together

One way to keep things entertaining during a FaceTime call is to play something together. Taking part in a game can stimulate conversation and help you to get to know each other better. Just how competitive are you both? And what kinds of games do you love playing? Find a co-op video game or break out a two-player board game.

If games aren’t your thing, try taking a quiz together and chat about your results. For pure fun and laughter, the weirder the quiz the better. Or, if you want to get to know each other better, try out quizzes like “Which Characters Are You?” to get an idea of your crush’s personality. Are you looking for someone who relates to Britta from Community? Or on the hunt for the Jon Snow of the dating world?

5. Join a social dating community 

Social dating communities are great places to make new connections online. If you’re looking for a casual, relaxed FaceTime idea, getting involved in one of these communities with your crush is a great option.

A  live streaming platform where you and your crush can connect in real-time. Find something you’re both into and jump into the stream to join the conversation. It’s not only a fun way to connect with your crush but engaging with the stream and chatting to others will help to get rid of any potentially awkward moments of silence!

6. Do something independently

When trying to figure out how to FaceTime your crush it’s worth remembering that you don’t always have to be taking part in the same activity. While on the call, pull up a cake recipe that takes a bit of work and talk to each other while you’re focused on your pastries. A little distraction often makes the call feel less awkward and can help you to feel more comfortable opening up.

By distracting your mind, you’re less likely to overthink things. For a bit of a competition, you can both try the recipe at the same time. Who can follow it best? Who’s the most experimental while still being able to create something edible? The choice of where to go with the challenge is up to you both, but it’s always a positive when you and your crush can be creative together.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re worried about how to FaceTime your crush so it’s not awkward, don’t worry! Getting used to the ongoing rise of video time and if you’re struggling to adjust to the new normal, you’re not alone!

Practice makes perfect here and there’re plenty of ways to make Face Timing your crush easier, fun, and less awkward than just staring at each other through a screen. Be confident, be yourself, and enjoy this new way of online dating!

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