Nine Indicators She Likes You More Than A Friend In 2023

Dating is fun, exciting, and, well, full of curveballs. Between the ghosting, mixed signals, makeouts, it’s tough to know if what you found is true love or infatuation. So, when you do meet someone you like, how do you know they feel the same? Well, here are a few signs that she likes you as more than a friend.

1. She posts your pictures on social media.
Some of us may not like to admit it, but social media does matter. If she insists on taking pictures together and posts them on the internet, she likes you. No two ways about it. She wants people to see you together. She thinks you look good together. She wants the
“Aww” comments. You’re in luck.

2. She talks about intimacy with you.
There’s flirtation, and then there’s…something deeper. If she talks about sex—what she likes, what she wishes she could find—or even if she makes lighthearted intimate jokes with you, chances are she likes you more than a friend. Talking about sex is very intimate. If she’s openly discussing it, don’t be dense.

3. She checks in on you a lot.

Regular texting? Social media direct messaging? Setting up plans with you on a regular basis? All signs she likes you as more than a friend.

4. You laugh together a lot.
If she laughs at everything you say, chances are she has a crush on you, sure. If you notice that you two are laughing harder and more often than everyone else in your group, she likes you as more than a friend.

5. You stay up late talking.
Either on the actual phone (yes, people still do this) or just by texting a lot, if you’re the last person she talks to before bed, there’s something there. (Hint: it’s more than friendship.)

6. She wants you to meet her friends.
Why else would she care if you knew her friends or not? To most people, friendships are of the utmost important relationships in their lives. If she wants you to meet her people, she likes you. You’re in.

7. You two are physically affectionate.
Some people are just touchy—affection doesn’t always mean something more. However, if you two are mutually affectionate—lots of hugs, kisses on the cheek, rubbing each other’s backs—it’s pretty silly to think otherwise. She likes you as more than a friend.

8. You know about her family.
Whether you’ve met them (if you have, that’s a sign too), her family is important to her. If she’s opened up about them to you, she probably likes you as more than a friend. A lot of people have complicated relationships with their family, and if she feels comfortable enough with you to tell you about those, she likes you as more than a friend.

9. She tells you.
Of course, this should be obvious, but if she tells you she likes you as more than a friend, believe her. If you want to know—or you like her so much you’re tired of guessing—it’s okay to ask! Game playing isn’t always fun, and it gets old quick. Being direct and clear and intentional is super important.

If you want to know if she likes you as more than a friend, follow these tips, and ultimately, the best thing to do is ask her directly. It matters.

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