How Sigma Male Handles Betrayal | Sigma Male Values Loyalty

Generally, the Sigma male is not emotional person. But they have specific values that they hold tenaciously. 

 They so much love loyalty and expect it from everybody around them. Loyalty is one of the most outstanding traits of a sigma male. He would never betray your trust for anything. Not even a million dollars can buy his loyalty. 

 Of course, we all know that sigma males aren’t emotionally expressive like other people. But every relationship is significant and important to them. 

 That explains why sigma males take loyalty religiously, and they will never compromise on it for anything.


What Does Loyalty Mean to a Sigma Male? 

 The sigma male takes loyalty as a top priority in any relationship, including casual friendship, business relationship, romantic connection, etc. So if you are close to a sigma male, you will feel complete loyalty from them. But they would expect you to do the same. 

 The sigma male can’t be friends with people who aren’t loyal. So they would always avoid them by all means possible. That’s why some people may say that the sigma male is rude and proud. 

 Well, they would only be rude to you if you seem to be unfaithful, not trustworthy, and disloyal. 

 Surprisingly, the sigma male would prefer to be without friends than to spend time with people who aren’t loyal to their friendship. After all, they are not so desperate to settle down for less than what they deserve. 

 For a sigma male, loyalty means being 100% honest to one another. Regardless of how ugly or nasty it looks, the sigma male doesn’t want important details hidden from him. 

 He prefers to be hurt by the truth than to be soothed with lies. So if you start keeping secrets about essential things and resort to lying, the sigma male would stop trusting you. 

 To this personality type, lying and keeping secrets is the worst form of betrayal. And once they realize that you have been lying, your relationship with him would never remain the same. 

 Sigma males see honesty as a sign of loyalty and respect from their friends. But when their friends stop being straightforward, they see it as a sign of betrayal.

 Again, the sigma males expect you to believe in him and stand by his choices. He sees this as a sign of loyalty. But this doesn’t mean you have to agree with them all the time. 

They enjoy it when their loved ones and friends debate with them on issues from time to time. That’s because it enables them to see things from a different perspective. 

 All a sigma male needs in a relationship is honesty, regardless of the situation at hand. 

 They Want People Who Will Show Their Support

 Even though sigma males love doing things independently, they often need people to show them genuine support. A sigma male believes that a loyal friend won’t betray them, go behind their back, and keep quiet when someone else says bad things about them. 

 Every sigma male believes in their loved ones and wants to see them succeed in their endeavor. And they would constantly interrupt you when you try to say something bad about someone they care about. 

 And they expect you to do the same for them. Sigma males can easily feel betrayed if you don’t treat them the way they treat you. 

 No matter the situation, sigma males always stand by the people they love. And they would make an effort to help their loved ones improve and become better versions of themselves. 

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 Fidelity is Important For a Sigma Male 

 When in a romantic relationship, the sigma males have zero tolerance for infidelity. Regardless of how much a sigma male loves you, he ends things immediately once you aren’t faithful to the relationship. 

 The sigma male believes in honesty and a partner who is open to them. And their sense of openness and respect is the best way a sigma male shows his loyalty. 

 Sigma males always stand by their words; to them, it’s an important part of loyalty. They never waste their time and energy on people who betray them. And sigma male seldom has close relationships with people because they don’t want to share any bond with someone without knowing whether they would be loyal. 

 Sigma Males are Complex People 

 When it comes to love and relationships, the sigma males are very complex. They always believe that loyalty should always be prioritized for the people you care for. 

 However, they sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between emotional loyalty and logical loyalty.

 But because they are rational people who think things through before making decisions, their loyalty is more logical than emotional. That’s why some people believe that sigma males are cold and blunt.  

 How Sigma Males Handle Betrayal 

 Sigma males don’t take betrayal likely, especially if it’s coming from someone they trust. Even if they eventually forgive that person, it would take a while for things to go back to how they were before the betrayal. 

Because it takes a lot for a sigma male to trust anybody, they take betrayal so personally. And find it difficult to move on with life. 

Again, sigma males can easily overlook little mistakes, especially if they weren’t intentional. 

But if you are remorseful of your action after betraying a sigma male, he may be willing to forgive you and move on. That is if they are convinced that you won’t betray their trust again. 

However, there are some betrayals the sigma male can’t forget. The type of betrayal that shows that the person shouldn’t be trusted again. If your betrayal to a sigma male falls in this category, he may cut you out of his life forever. 

Even if the sigma male loves you so much, once he can’t trust you, he cuts you out. Of course, it would hurt him, but when it comes to making a decision, sigma males don’t allow emotions to becloud their judgment. 

Sigma Males Can Sometime be Skeptical People 

Generally, the sigma males are skeptical people. And sometimes, when dealing with people, they hope for the best and expect the worst. That is why they constantly analyze the people in their life and wondering whether they are ever going to betray their trust or not. 

Their fear of betrayal (proditiophobia) is one of the reasons sigma males hardly open to people. They are always cautious not to be vulnerable to being hurt or betrayed. 

But when someone betrays them, they would go into a reflective mood. They try to analyze why the betrayal happens and try to prevent it in the future. 

After many betrayals, the sigma males find it difficult to trust people. 

In a nutshell, when you betray a sigma male, he may not end the relationship immediately. But he will be less loyal and focused more on themselves. 


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