15 Things Sigma Males Absolutely Hate

Sigma Males like doing things differently. They love to walk alone and dance to the sound of their drums. 


This personality type is very innovative and cares less about the imaginary hierarchy of society. Of course, they are often rebellious with a reinterpretation tendency. 


Because of Sigma Male’s innovativeness, they always develop creative ideas and solutions that could change the world. 


Most times, Sigma Males are uncompromising and arrogant. And they are very bold; you can’t easily intimidate them. 


They can’t even function effectively in a mainstream career system. That’s why most Sigma males prefer to be freelancers, entrepreneurs, and innovative. 


You will be fond of Sigma Male’s approach to life. They are simple, loyal, sensitive, and have a high level of intellectual curiosity. 


If a sigma male finds himself in any system, he can easily spot the logical inconsistencies in that system. 


But as incredible as this personality type seems, they have their own limits. And once you push them to that limit, sigma males don’t hesitate to fight back. 


So, here are some of the things Sigma Males Absolutely hate; 



#1. Constant Social Interaction


Sigma males don’t like unnecessary social interaction. They enjoy their company more than that of any other person. A sigma Male would prefer reading a book, working on a project, brainstorming on an idea, or meditation to spending time with their loved ones. 


Even though Sigma Male is passionately in love with you; he still needs his space. He tends to give you attitudes if you hang around him too frequently. 


Don’t get this wrong; the Sigma Males like to talk with people. But they prefer discussing topics that they are vast in and are relevant to their professional and personal growths. 


So, don’t expect your sigma male friend to engage in gossip or chit-chat with you. Once you are trying to introduce trivial matters to your conversation, the sigma male will disappear. 


#2. Rules and The Status Quos 


Sigma Males passionately hate playing by the rules. That’s why they are sometimes described as rule-breakers. 


If they work in an organization, they question every rule, bend them, and sometimes break them when they find better ways. 


One thing every sigma male doesn’t like is following the status quos. They are always innovative, tweaking, and looking for better and easier ways to solve problems. 


However, sigma males tend to be very unhappy if they work in an environment that doesn’t support innovation. 


#3. Routine Tasks 


Since sigma males easily get bored, they don’t like routine tasks. You can’t get the best result if you delegate routine tasks to a sigma male. 


It doesn’t matter whether it’s process work or paper-pushing; sigma male won’t be happy doing it. 


When it becomes necessary to engage in a routine task, they try to make it as fun as possible. The process may be the same, but they will try to approach it differently every day. 


#4. Being Forced to Deal with A Lot of Details 


Sigma males rely so much on their intuition. They are more productive when brainstorming new ideas, coming up with innovative solutions, and problem-solving. Sigma males always want to explore possibilities and see the bigger pictures in every situation. 


They don’t like dealing with a lot of details. And if you force them to do it, you will not get the best from it. 


Let’s get something clear, that sigma males don’t like handling a lot of details doesn’t mean they can’t take details when it becomes absolutely necessary. 


But they are just not interested in any task that requires them to give attention to little details. 


#5. Lack of Alone Time 


Even though Sigma Males is interested in people, they are still introverts who enjoy having plenty of alone time. 


When a sigma male doesn’t have enough time alone, he tends to be stressed and exhausted. And when this happens, they will become aggressive and lost their patients. 

Again, if you are the reason a sigma male doesn’t have enough time alone, he will hate you for it. 


#6. Pressurizing Them to Talk About Their Feelings 


Sigma males find it extremely difficult to deal with emotional stress. And because of their private nature, sigma males prefer to keep their relationship and emotional issues. 


Even if they suffer from heartbreaks or other emotional issues, they won’t like to discuss it with people close to them. 


Of course, Sigma males can’t discuss their emotional issues. But they need more time to process it than other people. And they will need to feel safe with you before opening up about their relationship issues. 


However, they find it highly irritating when you pressurize them to talk about their feelings and emotions. 


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#7. Compromising Their Values 


Sigma males hold their values tenaciously. Regardless of what is at stake, the sigma male never compromises his value. That’s probably because he’s an idealist who uniquely sees the world. 


Sigma Males always have a strong sense of how things should be for society, culture, and humanity. 


And nothing irritates a sigma male more than trying to make them compromise their strong moral value for a job or relationship. They would gladly walk away from that job or relationship. 


#8. Ignorance


Sigma Males love reading and education. And if they know much about a subject that you don’t know anything about, they won’t make you feel inferior. 


However, if you throw your opinion around about a topic you know nothing about or trying to criticize education, you will fall out with a sigma male. 


#9. People Who Don’t Use Their Knowledge 


Sigma Males are intellectually curious. They always want to learn new things. But they don’t just learn; they try to implement every knowledge they gather. 


However, they dislike people who constantly come up with amazing ideas but never put them to action. Even if you are close to a sigma male, he gradually distances himself from you once he notices this trait in you. 


#10. Dishonesty 


Sigma males don’t tolerate dishonesty. They dislike people who are not just dishonest but dishonest to themselves. 


Of course, the sigma males aren’t infallible. They sometimes make wrong judgments about people. But they also trust their intuitive hunches. And once they realize that you are either dishonest to yourself or other people, they won’t hesitate to stay away. 


A sigma male would always prefer to have a few honest friends than a bunch of dishonest people. 


#11. People Who Want to Remain The Same


Sigma Males are constantly making efforts to grow themselves. And they can’t thrive in an environment where people aren’t making an effort to develop themselves. 


To a sigma Male, it’s compulsory to develop yourself. And if you want to remain the same without developing yourself, you can’t be friends with a sigma male. 


#12. Criticism 


Sigma males take every word seriously. Regardless of the situation, positive and encouraging words will always calm a sigma male and lift his spirit. 


But negative words could ruin the entire day of a sigma male. He would feel demotivated, uninspired, and think about those negative words for hours or days. 


Again, sigma males know that they aren’t perfect. So, they are open to constructive criticism. But how you present the feedback goes a long way to determine how a sigma male will receive it. 


#13. People who Only Take and Never Give 


It gladdens a sigma male’s heart to please other people. And they always go the extra mile to make the people in their life happy. 


Most times, sigma males take other people’s needs ahead of theirs. But they hate it with passion when you try to take advantage of their kindness towards you. 


It irritates a sigma male if he’s the only person making all the sacrifices or when you don’t appreciate his kind gestures towards you. 


#14. Conflict


Sigma males don’t like conflict. Prolonged arguments, tension, and drama are not healthy for the sigma males. 


Sometimes, a sigma male may fall physically sick when they have conflicts with their loved ones or constant tension in their relationship. 


Even though Sigma males hate conflict, you can still have a healthy conversation with them. Just approach the topic with respect and calm; you guys will have a fantastic conversation after that. 


#15. When Life Lacks Meaning 


Every sigma male craves a meaningful life. They don’t want to live a life of boredom. That’s why they hardly take on a regular 9 to 5 job irrespective of the amount involved. 


They prefer using their natural skills to solve complex problems and try to understand the world.


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