Help!!! I’m Tired My Husband is Abusive

Dear Love Doctor,

Anything I say is a problem. I called his sister to complain to him but she ignored me, so I went out with my kids and our machine always develop problem so the thing made me not to come back early.

When I returned, he didn’t say anything. I started with my cooking I told jim that the machine needed work because it had developed a very big problem.

He ignored me and went out to see the caretaker and I followed suit still talking about the faulty machine untiol he shouted at me and sent me inside.

When he came back from his discussion, he told me that he would kill me. He stated it clearly without mincing words, reason being that a lady was advising him to endure that I am always be with domestic chores like washing his clothes.

Honestly, I am homely. I do wash his clothes, but whenever I realize that I had s bigger pile of my children’s cloth to wash, I’ll just leave it.

I am the one responsible for my children’s clothing. All the clothes they wear were made by me, he seldom gives money for food let alone for clothing.


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In 2011, I survived and accident that almost took me out, but ever since my head has been hurting. I am not physically injured, but the pain is there.

He is aware of this, yet he pushed me and I hit my head on our cabinet. When my daughter tried to find out why I was wincing, he slapped and pounced on me.

I had to run to the neighbours for safety and remain at their apartment for an entire day while he rained curses, fumed and laid death threats.

Honestly, I am tired of the marriage.

The abuse is not something I can cope with. We are wedded but he didn’t pay my full bride price and I learnt that he was once married but the girl left him for the same reasons.

This man has made my life hell and I can understand why the first lady left.

This man shamelessly took himself to my Mom to report that I asked him to be washing his own clothes because I had the kids own to wash.

My Mom was trying to make him see reasons and he added that I am not more than his maid and that washing his clothes is my responsibility.

When he got home, he went to the neighbour’s to tell them what transpired in his translation.

He added that it was because of the poverty in my family that made him stop them from coming to his house and that my Mon will soon die of frustration.

He came back and ordered me to leave his house.

I am tired if these drama.

I want my life back. I want my peace back.

I need help.

What should I do?

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