Sending Nudes On Snapchat: Something You Must Avoid

sending nudes on snapchat


Internet is arguably the greatest invention of all time. It’s fantastic and makes a world without boundary possible. But the internet is not all rosy. If you use it the wrong way, it may ruin you. For this reason, you must avoid sending nudes on snapchat and other messaging apps.

 Sending naked selfies on online has become a norm among ladies. But it could ruin your future and reputation if you send them to the wrong person.

 That you are in love with a man doesn’t mean you should start sending naked pictures of yourself. Do you even think about your future at all? If yes, how come you still send your nude photos online.

 Oh! Haven’t you heard stories of people leaking their ex-lovers’ nude photos online? If you are doing this because you think your man loves you think again. Every sour relationship was once romantic.

 If you still doubt me, below are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t send naked pictures to anybody online. Whoever insists on seeing your nudes can bounce out of your friend list.

 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sending Nudes On Snapchat

 It Could Tarnish Your Image For Life

 If you care about your future, you shouldn’t think of sending nudes to anybody — not even your husband. The relationship may be rosy now. But what happens when things go sour between the two of you?

 Don’t forget that some guys are very unforgiving. They will stop at nothing to tarnish your reputation.

 Sending your nude pictures may be nothing serious to you. It could ruin your future. Imagine being the CEO of a reputable organization. And your ex-lover shows up from nowhere with your nude pictures. If he is a bast*rd, he could even be blackmailing you with it.

 One of my friends had an awful experience with snapchat. She was in a romantic relationship with a guy who promised to marry her.

 The relationship was moving well, and the boy went to see her parents. They were preparing for marriage. One day the fiance asked my friend to send him her nude.

 Out of excitement, she sent several nude pictures with her face to the guy. After a few months, they broke up. The lady broke up with the guy after she caught him pant down having sex with her best friend.

 Guess what happened? Her fiancee started using the nudes pictures she once sent to him to blackmail her. The guy turned her into a sex toy. Whenever he wanted to have sex, he will call her.

 At a time, she had to fight back. That was how she was able to free herself from her manipulative boyfriend.

 So, try to avoid anything that could make your life complicated in the future. Whenever anybody requests for nude image from you, block him immediately.

 He Could BreakUp With You Anytime

 Before you get carried away like a teenager in love, remember that nothing truly lasts forever. And 80% of relationships don’t end up in marriage; even marriages end up in divorce these days.

 Let’s reflect together. You remember that charming, handsome dude you were in love with during your High school days? (smile) I know you remember. When you were dating him, you probably thought he is your everything.

 I know you imagined a future together with him severally, right? If he had asked you then, sending nudes on snapchat wouldn’t have been an issue.

 But what happened? He broke up with you anyway. Despite all the exciting memory, you shared with him. He left you for another girl.

 My point? Don’t make the mistake of sending your naked selfies to a man who may not even marry you.

 Even if he’s your husband, don’t send nudes online. If he misses you, he should come home. Remember “an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.”

 He Will Always Ask For More

 Let me tell you a little secret. Once you start sending your nudes to a guy, he will always ask for another. You see, this is why you should never send at all. Otherwise, you will be creating an unfathomable disaster for yourself.

 Guys are Oliver Twist when it comes to asking for nude pictures. Once you oblige the first time, they will always ask for another.

 His Phone Can Be Stolen

Most people still believe in the fact that any picture you send via snapchat deletes within few seconds. It’s true. But there are several third-party apps that someone can use to save images on snapchat.

With these apps, your man can save your nude pictures to his phone. He may not have the intention to use it against you. But if the phone falls into the wrong hands, it could be the beginning of the end for you.

Don’t forget that your man’s phone may be stolen; thus, he may not have control over its content.

 You Could Mistakenly Send To The Wrong Person

 Sometimes, you can send your nude to the wrong person. It happens a lot. You think you sent it to your husband or boyfriend who requested for it. But you wrongly sent it to the wrong person.

 I’m sure you know the implication of your action. Let’s reflect. Think about this. How would you feel if you wrongly send your nude to a random guy in the neighborhood who respects you a lot?

 It’s very embarrassing. You can avoid this by not sending nudes on Snapchat or any other messaging platforms.

 Let me tell you a story…

Sometime in January 2018, a popular Nigerian Pastor’s wife was the subject of public discussion.

 Do You Know What Happened? She mistakenly sent her nudes in pictures and videos to members of her church instead of her husband.

 Twas a major scandal, she even attempted to commit suicide due to the embarrassment. But her family members intervened. She could have prevented this by not sending her nudes in the first place. After all, the husband will always meet her at home when he comes back.

 So, try to learn from her mistake and avoid sending nudes to anybody, not even your husband.

 You May Not Be The Only One Sending Him Nudes

 Let me even ask, why do you send a random guy nudes online again? To please him or to show that you are hot? Well, let me break your heart with this. You may not be the only person sending nudes to him.

 There may be several other girls who are sending him nudes. And he must have told them the same beautiful things he is telling you right away.

What To Do If Your man Is Trying To Talk You Into Sending Nudes On Snapchat

 You should have a say in your relationship. And it isn’t cool for your man to pressurize you to do something you don’t like. It’s a sign that your man is taking advantage of you.

 Even if he tries to blackmail you emotionally to do it, try to resist. It’s even suspicious for your man to be trying to talk you into sending nudes on snapchat.

 If your so-called boyfriend can’t respect your boundary, I see no reason why you should be apologetic about your refusal.

Sometimes, he may want to use nice compliments to soften your heart. Don’t give in. Think about your future; this single innocent act could ruin your future.

 Let me remind you that sending nudes on Snapchat is sexual activity. And if you aren’t cool with it, don’t allow anybody pressurizes you to do it.

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