Zodiac Signs To Determine A Husband

There is no disputing that each of us exhibits some characteristics of our ZODIAC/star sign in how we move through and perceive life.

Most people who are aware of zodiac signs have been deflated when they learn that a possible suitor’s star sign is incompatible with yours.

Each star sign has its own characteristics; some are more extroverted than others. Consequently, the question of which star signs make the best husbands arises.

Naturally, the answer to that question will depend on your individual horoscope, but as a general rule of thumb, taking into account the characteristics of each star sign, here is our ranking of husbands from best to worst according to zodiac signs.

The Cancerian husband

At the heart of most marriages is love and emotional commitment and underneath everything that a married couple experience together they will always be seeking emotional support  and connection from their spouse.

Which is why Cancer ranks number one for the best husband according to the zodiac signs.

Cancerian husbands are sensitive, nurturing, resilient and strong home lovers – perfect husband material.

The Librarian husband

A level-headed, kind husband with a huge heart sounds like a top quality husband to us.  If your husband is a Libra, lucky you.

He’s going to be all in when it comes to love.

Your marriage, your married life, and your Libran husband’s love for balance will really enhance the life of those around him.  

The Scorpion husband

A Scorpio can build emotional bonds as well as they can hold a grudge (ahem).

Stay on the right side of a scorpion though, and you’ll discover qualities that all scream husband material.  They are loyal, committed, supportive, protective and selfless in a way that no other sign is.

The Capricorn husband

Capricorns can get a lot of stick for being a little too practical and realistic. However, those are two amazing qualities that will provide a bedrock for a solid, sustainable and steady marriage.

They don’t take commitment for granted, and if they commit to you, they will move heaven and earth (or climb the steepest mountain to support you).

People often forget that our dear goat friends also have a fishy tail, which represents deep but often hidden emotions that are not shared with just anybody!

Once you dive in with a Capricorn, and they know that they can trust you, you’ll start to see why a Capricorn ranks so highly on the best husband ranked according to the zodiac signs list.  

The Pisces husband


A Pisces husband is a good catch.  They are creative, emotional homemakers and will do whatever they need to do to create a peaceful vibe in your home and marriage.


However, Pisces can lose their sense of reality occasionally which is the only reason why they have ranked at number five on the best husband ranked according to the zodiac signs.

The Taurus husband

Most Taureans enjoy a steady home environment, and they love their luxury and creature comforts, so you’ll definitely build a stable and comfortable life with your Taurus husband.

This ensures that your Taurus will try to be emotionally present for you as a prerequisite for their marital commitment. You might need to guide them a little in that area.

The Leo husband

Leos can be extremely attached and committed to their wife, home, and family which is a huge plus if you have a Leo husband.

Being married to a Leo is like taming a lion, they are loving, committed, loyal and utterly loveable, but they don’t hold back when something upsets them.  

The Gemini husband

A Gemini husband will undoubtedly keep you on your feet – for Geminis need the stimulation of all kinds which creates a happy and fun marriage.   Emotional connection  is a must for a Gemini, it’s so important to them, that if they don’t get it eventually, they might seek it elsewhere!

Although they’ll probably wait many years before they do move their emotional connection onto somebody else. They are loyal and do give things a fair chance.

The Virgo husband

Virgos will be the best at settling down, but it doesn’t always mean that they are the most comfortable with being settled.  

They are also loyal and committed to their wife, family, and commitments which makes them quite the catch.

The Aries husband

If you want adventure, and want to be the first at everything, and you don’t mind having to just let your husband do whatever it is that he wants to do, then you might be in for a fun ride with an Aries.

They don’t do things by halves and always have to be first at everything which can create some fun adventures and when things are great, your Aries will be all in and will overwhelm you with everything that you need from a relationship.  

But when things don’t go well, if an Aries becomes bored or depressed or if you just want a quiet life, it’s time to run for cover.

The Aquarius husband

The reason why Aquarius ranks so low as a husband is not that they wouldn’t be loyal or even emotionally invested.

But because they spend so much time living in their heads that they won’t be very likely to be able to show you the emotional commitment they feel for you in a way that you might understand, even though they will love you in their own way.

The Sagittarius husband

Sagittarius husbands are fun, entertaining and full of vibrancy, but the only problem is that with a Sagittarius it’s difficult for them to be loyal.  

We are not saying that all Sagittarius spouses will cheat, but in essence, Sagittarians are the lovers of everything, which can include other people.













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