Yoga For Neck Pain: 4 Stretching Exercise Just 5 Minutes A Day For Relief(2023)

Yoga for neck pain relief

Here is a yoga flow comprising 7 stretches for neck and shoulder pain relief as shared by certified yoga trainer Swati Kain:

1. Neck Stretches

Begin by sitting or standing tall with your spine aligned. Slowly lean your head to the right, bringing your right ear closer to your right shoulder. You should feel a gentle stretch along the left side of your neck. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds, and then repeat the same movement on the left side. Perform this stretch 2-3 times on each side.

2. Active Hands Behind the Head

Assume a relaxed seated position, ensuring that your spine remains upright and aligned. Interlace your fingers and place your hands at the back of your head. Exert a gentle pressure with your hands as you press your head backward. Hold for 10 seconds, feeling the stretch in the front of your neck. Repeat 2-3 times.

3. Chin to Shoulder Stretch

Sit or stand tall and slowly drop your right ear toward your right shoulder, aiming to bring your chin as close to your shoulder as possible. Experience the gentle elongation and tension release along the left side of your neck. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat on the left side. Perform this stretch 2-3 times on each side.

4. Elbow Rotations

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms relaxed by your sides. Gently fold your elbows, allowing your fingertips to meet and make contact with your shoulders. Keeping your elbows bent, gently rotate your arms forward in small circles. After 10 rotations, reverse the direction. Perform 2-3 sets of rotations in each direction.

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