Yoga At Home! 4 Common Mistakes Of Practicing Yoga At Home(2023)


Let’s take a look at the common 4 mistakes that people make while practicing yoga at home:

  1. Wearing unsuitable clothing

    While practicing yoga at home, it might be tempting to start the practice in home wear, but it isn’t always a good idea. If the clothes are too tight or ill-fitting, it can cause distraction during the practice. Therefore, it is always recommended to indulge in some trial and error before selecting the right yoga clothing. Also, it is important to wear clothes that are made with light fabric and feel good on the skin.

  2. Not using props

    It’s easy to overlook the importance of props while practicing at home. Yoga props like blocks, straps, belts, etc. support, enhance and deepen the practice. Props help a yoga practitioner to master postures that demands balance and flexibility. They also help in building muscles and deepening twists. Props help yoga practitioners to gain the sensitivity of a pose while acquiring the benefits and not overdoing it.

  3. Avoiding warm-up

    The idea behind warming up the body is to introduce it gently to what is required from it. There are different ways to warm up the body like light stretching, light jogging, brisk walk etc. Warming up boosts the cardiovascular system gradually increases the blood flow and raises the body temperature. This lessens the risk of injury and reduces muscle soreness.

    Even Alia Bhatt swears by a yoga wheel!
  4. Inconsistent practice

    In the present day world, nearly everyone is leading a busy, hectic and distracted life. A person has to constantly juggle professional work, household chores, family responsibilities and other tasks. With so much to attend to, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent practice. This makes progress difficult and reduces the beneficial effects of yoga on the mind, body and soul.

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