Yeast Infection During Periods: Treatment Of Yeast Infection During Period(2023)

Treatment Of Yeast Infection During Periods

Yes, your period can clear up the yeast infection as it raises the vaginal pH. That in turn decreases the number of yeast cells. But you can always go for antifungal medications in the form of ointments, creams, or even oral medications. These can be prescribed by your doctor to you for a certain number of days.

Maintaining vaginal hygiene is also very important. When you experience a yeast infection alongside your period, it is important to consciously avoid a few habits such as wearing tight or dirty underwear,vaginal douching, or taking hot baths as it facilitates yeast production.

You should not wear tight or dirty underwear. 

You can also do the following to treat a yeast infection:

• Eat probiotics like yogurt that helps to multiply good bacteria
• Change sanitary napkins from time to time to avoid infection and pad rash
• Keeping your vagina clean
• Hydration helps to flush out toxins and bacteria and maintain pH balance, so drink up
• Stop using scented products as they can disrupt the pH level of the vagina and cause irritation
• Avoid foods rich in sugar and spice as they facilitate the yeast’s ability to grow in your body

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