World Alzheimer’s Day: 4 Exercise To Keep Your Brain Healthy And Active(2023)


What is Alzheimer’s disease?

While forgetfulness is a regular occurrence and may not be cause for concern, it could develop into Alzheimer’s if it becomes a chronic problem. Alzheimer’s, which is a type of dementia, is a neurological condition that typically develops gradually and gets worse over time. Simply put, this disorder can impair memory and other critical mental processes. However, a balanced diet, active lifestyle, and exercise can prevent or delay the onset of this disease.

Exercises for brain health

In order to find benefits and best exercises to boost brain health and reduce the risk of dementia, Health Shots spoke to Kamal Kaur, a fitness expert and trained mountaineer, who listed down 4 exercises to keep your brain active.

Alzheimer’s Disease can make you forget everything. 

Kaur says, “The mind is involved in everything we do and it needs care like any other part of the body. Exercising the brain can help to improve memory, attention, or daily functionality, which is a top priority for people. People can benefit from incorporating some simple brain exercises into their daily lives.”

Here are 4 exercises for brain and prevent Alzheimer’s:

1. Yoga

Yoga doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours to enjoy its benefits. Alzheimer’s disease risk can be lowered and well-being can be improved with even a 20-minute session. Meditation and yoga asanas both have positive effects on cognitive performance. It can enhance brain function, memory, and focus. Stress can sometimes lead to problems with the brain, but yoga can also help with that.

2. Gardening

You might also engage in gardening for greater brain health instead of learning a few exercises. Concentrating on the details of gardening can help you feel better in the time and lessen negative thoughts, which has a longer-lasting effect. People who garden report feeling more relaxed and contented. By elevating your mood, it can undoubtedly enhance your mental well-being, focus, and concentration.

A happy hobby can take your stress away. 

3. Dance

You can also practice dancing on some days if you don’t enjoy working out every day. According to a 2003 study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, dancing can delay the onset of dementia. Dance is a sort of mental exercise that strengthens memory and makes it simpler for your brain to store information. So, try it!

4. Walking

The best aspect of walking is that it helps you improve your mental capabilities in addition to being beneficial for your physical health. Every day, spend at least 20 to 25 minutes jogging, walking, or brisk walking. You can walk while performing chores around the house, going to the grocery shop nearby, or simply in your garden or terrace. It aids in giving the brain more oxygen, boosting energy, and enhancing mood and cognitive function.

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