Wondered Why Your Spouse Disregard Your Feelings? 5 Potential Reasons For That(2023)


What would drive a man to act in this thoughtless manner that disregards his partner’s feelings?

Here are some potential reasons:

    • He feels angry or resentful about something in the relationship and wants to “get back” at his partner in a passive aggressive way. This petty payback ends up going too far.
    • There are underlying issues he hasn’t addressed, like insecurity, immaturity, or fear of commitment. Instead of facing the problem, he takes it out on his partner’s emotions.
    • His words or actions are a misguided attempt to create distance. If he feels trapped or smothered, he might try to push his partner away in hurtful ways.
    • He is too self-absorbed or dismissive of his partner’s needs. Some men have trouble empathizing and may not realize how much their indifference is hurting their partner. This emotional obliviousness causes harm through a lack of care and attention.

Of course, none of these excuses make the harm justified.

But understanding the motivations can help both people communicate clearly and avoid continued damage.

With compassion on both sides, they can unpack the real roots behind the pain.

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