Women Disclose What Attracts Them to Men In 2023

What are the little things guys do that women just love? Is it a touch to the shoulder that drives women wild? A great sense of humor? Great manners? To get a better idea of what really turns women on, we talked to single women from the dating app Zoosk to see what they had to say.

Over 3,000 women answered our anonymous survey and really opened up about what they’re looking for in a guy and how men can catch their interest.

Here are some of the most revealing answers:

“I like when a man gives compliments, asks me about my day… the small things add up and will not be taken for granted.”

“I love when a man holds my face when he’s going to kiss me.”

“I love a man who’s willing to be vulnerable, opens up about his own faults (but isn’t overly self-deprecating), and shows kindness.”

“I like a man who smiles, and who I can make laugh. (Because I’m pretty funny, lol nah).”

“Paying attention to details is a major turn on. I love when a man notices something a woman doesn’t expect a man to notice.”

“I want a man who’s honest, hardworking, and not afraid to come work in the garden for a while and just enjoy fresh air and conversation with me.”

“I’m turned on when a man can give compliments, makes me smile and laugh, open doors, smells real good, or dresses nice for the occasion.”

“I like it when a guy takes some interest in learning about me, but balances the time by also sharing about him… Talking about interesting things like current events, or something that he was excited about doing.”

“I like a man who is humble, considerate, kind, and genuinely cares about others.”

“I like a man who can carry on a conversation, who’s romantic and passionate, has sense of humor, is good looking, who knows how to respect a woman, and who values family and religion.”

“When he’s there, in the moment.”

“When he notices the small things.”

“When he can ask very deep questions and be able to answer them with authenticity.”

“Sense of humor is huge. Kindness is huge. I like assertive men.”

“I love when a man nibbles on neck or holds me.”

“When a man approaches me with humor and respect.”

“I have to admit, a guy in a suit is definitely a plus plus!”

“I love when a guy opens a door for me or guides me through a restaurant with his hand on the small of my back.”

“I love when a guy comes up behind you when you’re doing something and puts his arms around your waist and kisses your neck. When he pulls your legs onto his lap when you’re watching TV. Or when he makes across-the-room eye-contact at a party.”

“Touching, caressing, kissing, or biting my neck. I like it when a guy takes his time.”

“A big turn on for me is when a man is confident in himself and where he is in his life and can eloquently express what he is looking for in a relationship.”

“I’m turned on when a guy can be kind and understanding to someone (like a server) even when there’s sufficient cause to be upset.”

“I love when a man tries to make me laugh when I’ve had a hard day.”

“I find that little things turn me on. Simply show me that you care… Cook with me, laugh with me, joke with me… And flowers once in a while are cute!”

“When a man is self-confident, but not arrogant, and can be a gentleman.”

“I’m turned on by a man who knows what’s going on in the world, who takes a stand for something meaningful.”

“When they look into my eyes, hold a door open, or casually touch my arm.”

“Just when a man does unexpected, thoughtful things.”

“I love when a man whispers in my ear something that’s just between us to smile about.”

“I’m turned on when a man does little things to let you know he was thinking of you. Like call you for no reason, buy you some little, non-expensive gift like a single flower or whatever he thinks I might like. Make something for me like draw a picture or write a poem, even if he can’t draw or even if he isn’t a poet.”

“I enjoy intelligent conversation, mixed with a great sense of humor and a splash of innuendo!”

“I’m turned on by a man who knows his way around the kitchen.”

“I love a man who can engage in conversation about ideas, philosophy, music, art, science.”

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