Winter Blues! 6 Things You Can Do To get Rid Of Winter Blues In 2023

6 Things You Can Do To get Rid Of Winter Blues In 2023
1. Read a good book

Even if you’re not in the habit of reading, you should read. Books have the ability to take you to places and introduce you to new people through words and characters. It is a great way to connect with yourself amidst the social distancing which is forcing us to be away from loved ones.

Moreover, a study from the University of Sussex found that participants noted 68 per cent reduction in their stress levels after just six minutes of reading.

Books can give your mental health a much-needed nudge.
2. Spend more time cooking

If you’re one of those people who didn’t try cooking during the initial days of lockdown, we say you try it right about now! Not only the final product but also the process of cooking brings immense joy and satisfaction. A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who spend time on creative activities like cooking are happier than others.

So, while the restaurants are not very safe to visit right now, how about having a good cooking session at your home?

3. Get more natural light

Winters come with reduced daylight and all the social distancing has already reduced the time we spend under the sun. A study published in the journal of Environmental Health found a correlation between lower levels of sunlight and an impaired cognitive status.

So, exposure to sunlight can actually boost your emotional health. Try going for a walk at hours where you won’t encounter a lot of people, like during the afternoon. What’s more, you can also place mirrors strategically in your room across from a window to fill it up with natural light.

Soaking up the sun can improve your mental health! 
4. Make your space cosy

Making your place warm and cosy can be relaxing for your mind and body. Try including indoor plants as they not only purify the indoor air but can also boost your mood. According to research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress.

Moreover, to make it cosier you can also add in some scented candles. Scents can have a very relaxing effect on your mind and research from the Association for Psychological Science found that floral scents can boost the feelings of happiness.

5. Move your body

Winters can make you lethargic and in such a scenario, the idea of working- out seems next to impossible. So, how about parting ways with the conventional form of physical activities and doing what you like? For example, you can go dancing, running or hiking. Physical activity is important because it leads to the release of endorphins, or the happy hormones, that uplift your mood.

6. Get a pet

Not only will you get a furball to cuddle with but a pet can also boost your emotional health. Moreover, you will get a companion who will never leave your side! A study published in the journal Aging & Mental Health found that having pets can make one feel less lonely.

Befriend a pet, and let all your worries take a backseat. 

We understand that it’s a tough time but you can find some sanity in this unpredictable scenario with these tips!

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