Why Sigma Males Struggle to Find Love

Sigma males are exceptional men with a unique perspective about life, a different mindset and enjoy spending time alone. 


But wherever they are, people are always attracted to them. They are often the most sought after guys. 


The sigma males’ behaviours often captivate the hearts of people around them.  Unfortunately, they are incredibly unlucky in love. 


Yes women always want to be with them.

Yes, women respect them and find them really attractive. 


But the question is –  if women are so much into the sigma males, why then, do they struggle to find love?


Don’t worry, this article will discuss 4 reasons why sigma males struggle to find love… 


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#1. They Are More Logical Than Emotional 

One of the reasons why sigma males struggle to find love is because they are more logical than emotional. 


Even when in a relationship, they are logical about issues that ought to have been sorted out with emotions. 


Generally, most men tend to feel what’s right and just follow their heart while in a relationship. 


Of course, an average man will wallow into this sweet mist of romance. 


And there’s no way a sigma male is going to stubble around blindly in a relationship. 


They will always use a logical approach to analyze the details and compare the situation to trusted standards before making any decisions. 


They would ask themselves questions like; 


Is it logical? Yes..


Is it mutually beneficial for both partners? Yes… 


Can It sustain the relationship in the long run? Hmmm! Not really?


And sometimes, this can be exasperating for women. 


They will mistake the time taken to analyze issues as disinterest on the part of the sigma males. 


And the tragic irony of this is that sigma males sometimes mean the opposite. 


What these women failed to understand is that sigma males are not like Beta and Omega males who act emotionally without thinking. 


Sigma males take their time before making any move in their romantic relationship because they would want to know if their love interest is indeed worthy and desirable. 


Of course, if the sigma males aren’t interested in the relationship, they won’t bother going through the stress of overthinking stuff. 

#2. They Enjoy Being Alone

Sigma males will always choose their time alone and independence over their partners. 


They don’t subscribe to the hollywoodized versions of love. Even if they are in a romantic relationship, they love their alone time. 


The sigma males don’t like co-dependence or any relationship or love concept that will deride self-sufficiency. 


With or without a woman, the lone wolves are always happy. They are secured in who they are and already feel complete.


However, the fact that the sigma males don’t bother their partner doesn’t mean that they don’t love them. 


Just that they enjoy their time alone more than any other thing. 


The lone wolves don’t rely on their partners to be happy. They understand the fact that their happiness is their own responsibility. 


#3. They Always Prioritize Their Goals 

Don’t get this wrong guys! The sigma males don’t think their goals are more important than their partners. 


But they are passionate about getting things done at the right time. 


The sigma males won’t abandon a critical task that could help them achieve their goals to get swept into a romance. 


Sometimes, they may not want to be in a relationship at all until they achieve their goals. 


The lone wolves would rather be single than to be with a woman who doesn’t have the same mindset as them or who is impatient. 

#4. They Are Single By Choice


Whenever a sigma male is single, he’s single by choice. They are happy being single and living alone. 


So, they are not desperately looking for a partner. They don’t need anybody to be with them to be happy. 


In fact, there are more sigma males who are singles than those who are in a relationship. 


But then again, they may decide to stay single when they are unable to find the perfect woman who understands them. 


In a nutshell, love itself has several aspects. Unfortunately, people nowadays are now heavily influenced by how it is depicted in the media. 


Are you struggling to find love?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. Thank you. 


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