3 Reasons Sigma Males Never Chase Women

Sigma males are very focused. They always prioritize their life goals over every other thing. They build their entire lives around their goals.


That explains why other people see them as being mysterious and elusive. But these two traits are some of the reasons why the lone wolves are unique and tend to be more successful than their peers.


Today’s article will talk about why sigma males never chase women. Don’t forget to share this article to help us grow the Naijalovetips platform, I appreciate your support. 


Every sigma male believes that chasing women is a bad idea. And that is because they consider it as the greatest thing that can distract them from achieving their life goals and purpose.


Sigma males believe that if a woman loves and wants to be in a relationship with them, she won’t make them do the chasing.


But most times, a woman will make a man chase her if she doesn’t like that man.


Surprisingly, these women enjoy the thrill of being chased. It gives them a sense of value and importance.  


Sigma males don’t waste their time chasing women. They can easily tell if a woman is in love with them from the way she talks, her availability, her body language, and how free she is whenever she is around them.


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So, here are three reasons why sigma males never chase women;


#1. It Distracts Them from Focusing on the Things That Are Important


Sigma males have great goals and aspirations. They are always preoccupied with achieving their goals and making their dreams a reality.


You see, chasing women is not part of their priority at all.  Sigma males can never waste their precious time chasing women instead of their dreams.


They believe that time is a precious resource and every second you spend not chasing your dreams and aspirations is lost forever.


So, they are always laser-focused on their dreams and goals. And once they are successful, women will definitely chase them.


#2. It makes a Man Seems Desperate and Pathetic Before a Lady


Most times, when a man chases a woman, she usually feels that the man is bugging them. And this happens when the feeling is not mutual and the love is unrequited.


Even if a sigma male asks a woman out, once she says NO, he will move on immediately. You will never see a sigma male bugging a woman.


They believe that if you put in so much effort just to get a lady’s attention, it feels like you are coercing her into a relationship with you.


It’s a complete waste of time and energy to keep pursuing a lady after she made it clear to you that she is not interested.


And you will come across as desperate and pathetic when you keep chasing women.


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3. She Will Not Value the Relationship


One of the reasons why sigma males never chase a woman is because when you put too much effort to get a woman’s attention, she may not value the relationship.


Whenever you do the chasing in a relationship, you are indirectly putting the woman on a higher pedestal.


But the relationship will start on a level playing ground if you do not chase her. Of course, you can make yourself available and possibly let her know your intentions.


With this approach, the woman will start seeing you differently and possibly pay attention to know more about you.


In a nutshell, when you show less interest in a woman, you will pique her curiosity. And this will make her chase you.


If you guys eventually date, you will value the relationship so much.


Sigma males understand how women think. And they know that if you chase a woman too much, you will continue to chase her even when you guys start dating.


So, will you end up being the person putting in more effort to make things work and making all the extra sacrifices in the relationship?


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