Why Sigma Males Can’t Date a Dark Empath

You may think dark empaths are nice people when meeting them for the first time. Perhaps, it’s because they have a great sense of what others are feeling or thinking and have a great deal of empathy. 


Unfortunately, these people are very dangerous and they know how to use your feelings against you. 


And because the sigma males know this fact about dark empaths, they find it difficult to be in a relationship with them. 

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One of the reasons dark empaths are so dangerous is that they know exactly how to behave to appear kind and normal while hiding their true intentions. 


Funny enough, it’s difficult for the dark empath to hide her true intentions from the sigma males. 


The lone wolves understand these personalities so well and know what they are capable of doing. 


Of course, sigma males are not moved by the dark empaths’ display of empathy. They know that displaying empathy is completely different from sharing other people’s feelings emotionally. 


Once you allow yourself to be vulnerable to a dark empath, they use cognitive empathy to manipulate you. 


That is, they know exactly what you want and how you feel, and use these emotional triggers against you. 


So, here are some of the reasons why sigma males can’t date a dark empath; 

#1. Dark Empaths Kindness Feels Fake 


Nothing Irritates a sigma male more than being fake. It doesn’t matter how much connection he has with a woman, once she shows him fake kindness, he immediately has second thoughts about the relationship. 


How does a woman’s kindness feel fake? Let me explain. 


For instance, a woman cuddles with you after having a romantic evening. And when you feel worried, they tell you comforting and mind soothing words. 


They compliment you at the right time. 


But the sigma males can easily spot the fakeness behind these kind gestures and comforting words. 


They will feel that something is not just sincere about it at all. 


When you pay attention to these words, you will realise that they sound forced and fake with certain actions. 


The truth is, the dark empaths know what to say and how they should act, to appear as if they are the perfect partner for you. 


The dark empaths may sound a bit forced when they pay you certain compliments.


Then again, there’s a difference between a dark empath and people pleaser.  Sometimes, people confuse these two terms. 


But the sigma males know that these two terms are different but he can’t date any of them. 


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#2. They Are Manipulative

The fact that the dark empaths are manipulative make it difficult (if not impossible) for sigma males to date them. 


Most times, dark empaths will use their insight into cognitive empathy as a means of manipulating and controlling the behaviors of other people. 


Basically, dark empaths are aware of what you might be thinking, they can easily use your emotions against you. 


If you understand the sigma males, you will understand that they dislike manipulative people. 


Even if a woman is the goddess of beauty herself, once she possesses certain manipulative traits, the sigma male can’t be with her.

The sigma males know that dark empaths have no boundaries. And they are only concerned about fulfilling their needs. 


They don’t care if they hurt other people in the process. 

#3. They Always Try Guilt Trip People 

One of the reasons why sigma males can’t date a dark empath is because they always try to guilt trip people. 


Generally, the dark empaths display a higher indirect aggression than an average person. And this is definitely true considering the fact that they often use guilt tripping to manipulate people. 


Once a woman tries guilt tripping the sigma male into doing what she wants, the lone wolf immediately sees the dangerous dark empath in her. 


And of course, there’s no way a sigma male can be with someone who tries to guilt trip him. 

#4. They Love Malicious Humor

Every dark empath demonstrates a high level of indirect aggression and malicious humor. The type of humor that Sigmund Freud describes as tendentious. 


Malicious humor is destructive and that is why it’s regarded as the worst type of humor. Sigma males hate malicious humor and can never associate themselves without people making such tendentious humors.


Malicious Humor is bad and can make people lose their self-esteem. 


When a dark empath uses malicious humor, they make hurtful jokes that put other people beneath them. 


Malicious humor gives the dark empaths the feeling of superiority over others. 

#5. They are Rumor Mongers 

Gossips and rumor mongering are two things the sigma males can’t stand. They are only interested in intellectually stimulating conversations.


The lone wolves don’t like rumor mongering and can’t be with a partner who is a rumor monger. 


Even if you spread malicious rumors about the sigma males, they won’t waste their time explaining themselves. After all, they don’t give a damn about what you think of them. 


The sigma males believe in the words of Henry Thomas Buckle that – “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.”


The dark empaths always spread rumors in order to achieve their own needs and desires. They can easily manipulate people by narrowing in on their feelings and weaknesses. 


Once the dark empaths sense what you are most insecure and vulnerable about, they spread rumors about it. 


They just want to make their victim feel bad, depressed, lose their self-esteem, and possibly become the worst version of themselves. 


The dark empaths are so dangerous and they know exactly how to hurt you. Perhaps, it’s because they can perceive what you are feeling at the cognitive level. 


So, have you dated a Dark Empath? What was your experience? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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