Why Sigma Males Believe That Every Woman Is Single

Sigma males have a very different perspective about women. Of course, he respects them, but he believes that every woman is single.


It doesn’t matter whether she has a boyfriend or is engaged; sigma males always believe they are single.


The truth is, sigma males have seen all. They have seen women who had boyfriends and even husbands sleeping with some random dude.


I mean, these women’s spouses went the extra mile to give them a decent lifestyle. Yet, at the slightest opportunity, they still cheat on them.


Some men even forfeit their dreams and even do jobs they don’t like just to make their women live a comfortable life.


But guess what? These women will still cheat them at the slightest opportunity.


Now you understand why you can’t blame the sigma male for believing that every woman is single.


Most men (probably Beta and Omega males) believe that once they have amazing sex with a woman, she will never leave them.


They believe that because a woman screamed their name or called them daddy during intimacy, that makes the woman automatically theirs.


But sigma males are not moved by these gestures or bedroom acting. That is because they know that women are experts in the art of deception.


And todays’ women are far more promiscuous than ever before. With dating apps and social media platforms, it’s easy for women to hook up with any guy.


The lone wolves know that modern women just want to have fun. They care less about commitment.


Once a guy says the right word to a woman and gives her the butterflies, he can sleep with her.


Well, it’s an unfortunate truth, and that is why sigma males believe that every woman is single.


Women always live in the moment. They are only loyal to the man who will bring them the most excitement.


In the real sense, your woman is owned by her emotions and not you.


Sigma males know that nobody ever owns a woman. That is because women are always hunting for a new shiny toy.


Even though a woman is in a long-term relationship, she can be with another man for the evening for the right price.


There are instances when women holding hands with their boyfriend will still eyeball the sigma male.


In fact, she may even secretly give the lone wolf her number. But you know the rule, sigma males won’t call. They would prefer to give the woman their number so that she calls.


Regardless of how much you think your woman loves you, she will always leave you if the right guy comes along.


I mean, the guy she finds really attractive and sweeps her off her feet.


Sigma males understand that most times, when a woman hangs out or goes on a road trip with her friend, she’s not only out there for fun.


She’s actually looking for the next encounter who can give her the fun she seeks.


Of course, she has already secured her long-term relationship with you. What she is now looking for is the fun in between.


Sigma males understand that women don’t just apply makeups, eyelashes, and tight-fitting clothes for fun.


The truth is, she’s in search of a new encounter, a new guy.


In the real sense, there’s nothing you can do to satisfy a woman in the long term. Deep down, she’s always unhappy and wants to explore new things.


The truth is, women feel more fulfilled when they engage in multiple encounters with multiple men.


Sigma males see most women as opportunists. They spend their time taking selfies on Instagram and Facebook to get attention and possibly attract a good-looking guy.


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Sigma males believe that the only thing a woman is loyal to is her agenda.


And what is a woman’s agenda?


A woman’s agenda is to consume, extract, and find the best guy to give her what she wants. And that is a financially stable lifestyle.

So, she will always go for the best deal and discard you the moment she gets the chance. Hey! Don’t feel bad; it’s part of who they are. It’s built-in their biology.


At all times, a woman’s wants and needs come first, and once they feel that another man will provide them with better intimacy and a more comfortable lifestyle, she lives you without regret.


Sigma males know one thing for sure – you can never be the only guy in her life. She will always put a few guys on standby.


And once things get a bit rocky between you guys, she’s already plotting her next move.


Every woman needs stability, fun, and adventure. They find it difficult to rely on one man, no matter what happens.


Because of this, sigma males believe that a woman is never single and she is never truly loyal to one man.


Do you think there are still some faithful and loyal women out there? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.






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