Why Girls are Intimidated By the Sigma Males

The sigma male is every woman’s fantasy. They are what 99.9% of girls will describe as a perfect man to be with. 


From their perspective about life to their unwavering focus and how they compose themselves, everything about the sigma males is exceptional. 


Even the most stubborn and independent woman will naturally submit to the sigma males. His aura commands respect, his ideas are unique, and his theories are top-notch. 


The sigma male may not have the perfect look. He may not even have the perfect body shape. 


But when you engage him in a conversation and work with him for a few hours, you will understand that the lone wolves are perfection personified. 


I mean, they have the most amazing personality ever… Without doubt, the sigma male is a man that is one in a million. 


Most women are always intimidated by the sigma males. The question is – why do women feel intimidated whenever they are around a sigma male?


Don’t worry, in the next few minutes, you will understand signs that your personality intimidates women. 


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#1. They Avoid Making Eye Contact


One of the signs that a woman might be intimidated by you is when she avoids making eye contact with you. 


When a woman avoids making eye contact, she creates a little gate of protection in her brain. 


But here’s what you should know. When a girl is intimidated by you, she will shyly avoid eye contact with you. 


Sometimes, when you look in her direction, you will realize that she’s stealing a few glances at you. 


However, as soon as her eyes meet yours, she will quickly avoid eye contact. And if you observe her, you could see the shyness in her face. 


That shyness indicates that she likes you and wants to hide it. If you think she is the type of woman you want to be with, you should take note of this. 

#2. The Way She Position Her Body

One of the easiest ways sigma males read other people’s minds is through their body language. 


From the way a woman positions her body, you can easily tell if she’s intimidated by you or not. 


For instance, whenever a woman points her body directly towards you, it indicates that she is not intimidated by you. 


It shows that she’s happy or excited to see you. 


However, when a girl is intimidated by you, she will slightly turn her body to the right or left when talking to you. 


The way a woman positions her body could be a defense mechanism that is triggered because she’s afraid of you.


Then again, women tend to be attracted to men who they fear or men who other men are afraid of. 


Actually, girls slightly turn their body when having a conversation with a man that they aren’t comfortable with so that they can easily exit the conversation without any awkwardness. 

#3. They Speak in a Quieter and Softer Voice

Women tend to speak in a quieter and softer voice when they are intimidated by you. Perhaps, it’s because they find you really mysterious and still find it difficult to understand your personality. 


Every sigma male must have experienced this one way or the other day. A girl may be loud when around her friends, but once you come around, she suddenly becomes quiet. 


And when she wants to talk, she talks in soft and quiet voice. 

#4. What They Do When They Are Around You

There are several things women do around you if they are intimidated by your personality. They could fidget with their hair (which is called hair flip) or act in a way that becomes obvious that she isn’t comfortable around you. 

#5. Pausing Before and After She Speaks

Awkward pause during a conversation is one of the signs that a woman is intimidated by you. 


The act of pausing during a conversation is triggered by a woman’s defense mechanism. So, when you realize that a woman constantly pause when talking to you, it’s obvious that she’s intimidated by you. 


On a final note, most women are naturally intimidated by men they are just meeting or they don’t know too well. 


Perhaps, it’s because men are traditionally stronger than women in terms of physical strength. 


Also, there are some monstrous men out there who hide under the guise of being a man to perpetuate unspeakable crimes against women. 


So, it’s only normal for smart girls to act intimidated or stay away from a man they don’t know too well. 


But when a woman displays the signs discussed in this video in a shy way, then it’s obvious that she finds you really attractive. 


Do you think women are intimidated by you?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you.  


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