Why Do I Have White Hair 2023/24

White hair is a natural process of aging that occurs in every individual around the globe.  To regulate or prevent the condition, it’s important to identify the root cause first. Graying of hair cannot be completely reversed, as loss of pigment in hair is a natural part of aging, which is quite normal.  we can prevent premature graying of hair with the help of some DIY homemade recipes and prevention measures.

CAUSE: Hair follicles contain a special cell called melanocytes, which determine the color of the hair strand. These cells are responsible for making a particular chemical called melanin. Melanin is also a pigment that is responsible for imparting color to our skin. One of the most common extrinsic factors is the sun. When we get tanned or sunburnt, it is basically sun-induced aggravation of melanin production. Another well-known criterion is age. With age, the cell turnover throughout the body depletes, which also leads to a lower number of melanocytes around our follicles. Additionally, there are other causes, such as psychological stress, smoking, nutritional deficiencies, etc., that may lead to melanocyte deaths or suppressed melanin production even at an early age, thus resulting in a condition called premature graying.

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