What to Do if Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You

What to do if your woman doesn’t respect you? I don’t think there’s anything more belittling to a man than being with a woman who doesn’t respect him.


It’s heartbreaking when your woman doesn’t respect you. She basically treats you like the least person in her life.


She doesn’t take your opinion seriously, and every action she takes makes you feel completely worthless.


And if this continues for a while, you tend to lose your masculine frame and become the female version of yourself.


Contrary to popular beliefs, love is not all you need to be happy. You need respect, especially from your loved ones. 


Respect is a pattern of behavior that you will see in every healthy relationship. And when it’s not present, your romantic relationship with your partner may not survive in the long run. 


But respect is reciprocal. That means you have to give respect to people in order to get it. And everybody deserves to be respected, including you watching this video right now. 


It’s possible your woman doesn’t respect you anymore because you have belittled yourself before her. 


Before we talk about what to do if your woman doesn’t respect you, here are a few questions for you.


Do you respect your woman?


Have you ever insulted her?


Have you ever done anything to earn her respect?


Oh! You never saw that coming. These questions probably made you realize that you are the reason your woman is so disrespectful towards you. 


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What to Do if Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You


Anyways! Here are what to do if your woman doesn’t respect you


#1. Respect Yourself 


You can’t earn your woman’s respect if you don’t even respect yourself. It’s a fact. Take care of yourself, pay attention to your look, be honest about who you are and who you are not, always define your boundaries, and always forgive other people.


Once you take these steps, your self-esteem will increase, and you will become a high-value man. This will help you earn your woman’s love and respect. 


#2. What to Do If Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You? Be More Independent 


Being independent is one of the traits women admire so much in men. If you are independent, you can make your own decisions and take up situational leadership when the need arises. 


It irritates a woman when you constantly rely on other people’s opinions before making important decisions.


Once you can make independent decisions and stand by them, it shows that you are mature. And it takes maturity to make any relationship work. 


Regardless of how hard a situation seems, always learn to be in charge. Don’t chicken out in the face of challenges. Learn to be calm whenever issues come up and always think creatively to proffer solutions to problems. 


#3. Keep Your Words 


When you don’t keep your words, you gradually lose the respect your woman has for you. 


If you can’t keep your promises to her, she tends to stop trusting you. And lack of trust in a relationship often leads to disrespect. 


Whenever you promise your woman something, always go the extra mile to fulfill it. No matter how little a promise seems, try to fulfill it. This will go a long way to help you earn your woman’s trust. 


#4. Always Respect Her even When She’s Not Around


Everybody deserves respect; that includes your woman. Learn to respect her even if she’s not there. 


It’s pretty immature and unwise to be talking bad about your woman before your friends. It shows that you don’t have an iota of respect for her. 


Again, try not to flirt with other ladies or cheat on your wife. If you do, it shows that you don’t have respect for her. 

And if she gets to know how you are hitting on other women, she will be heartbroken and may not trust you again. And, of course, she will lose her respect for you. 


#5. What to Do If Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You? Always tell the Truth 


Three things can’t be hidden for long – the sun, the moon, and the truth. Honesty and trust are foundations upon which great relationships are built. 


If you want to earn your woman’s respect, learn to tell her the truth at all times. Trust me; it’s better you hurt her with the truth than comfort her with lies. 


You should own up to your mistake rather than denying it. Your woman will respect you very well if you always tell them the truth. 


But if you have the habit of hiding things from her and telling her lies, she may not trust you. And you won’t earn her respect either. 


#6. Always Stand up for Yourself and Your relationship 


There will always be naysayers who will say all sorts of negative things about your relationship. But you must always stand up for yourself and the relationship. 


Let people know once they are crossing the line and ask them to stay meddling into your relationship matters. 


When you defend yourself and your relationship, it gives your woman the impression that you are passionate about the relationship. And she will respect you more and give you the attention you deserve. 


Thank you for reading. Is your woman currently disrespecting you in your relationship? Apply some of these tips and share your experience in the comment. 


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