What Makes Love Fade? Relationship Dynamics

I recently had a conversation with my friends. We were discussing relationships and how it could sometimes be complicated. All of a sudden, someone asked me – “love doctor, what makes love fade”?


That was when I knew that several other people may be asking the same question. 


Don’t worry, after reading this article, you will know exactly why love fades and how to keep your relationship evergreen. 


Before we continue, I want to give you a simple task. 


Please try and participate. It’s important and will help you understand this topic better. 


Take a deep breath… 


Think about the last time you had a really amazing relationship. 


I mean, the spark, the intimacy, the connection… everything was spot on.

All of a sudden, things go bad. 


The more you try to fix things with your partner, the more divided and disconnected you guys become. 


The relationship that people were once envious of, suddenly became comatose. 


We have all experienced this at some point in our love life. And it’s not just cool. 


It can happen to anybody irrespective of your gender. 


The truth is, love sometimes fades. 


There are several things that make love fade; but we will discuss a few of them in this article. 


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What Makes Love Fade? 3 Reasons Why Love Fades


#1. Communication 

Communication is the life blood of every relationship. 


It does matter how much you love your partner. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend together. And it doesn’t matter how much gifts you buy for each other. 


Once there’s no communication in your relationship, it can’t stand the test of time. 


There are several couples out there who still love themselves. They still have feelings for themselves. And they still think of each other, yet they are divorced. 

Why is that? It’s simple, they had poor communication, making it difficult for them to resolve their differences. 


What the couples could have easily resolved degenerated into a more serious crisis. 


The truth is, challenges are natural in relationships. Common! It’s not easy to have two adults living together without disagreeing on a lot of issues. 


However, if you want the love and spark in your relationship to be evergreen, it’s important to maintain good communication. 


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#2. Inability to Meet Each Other’s Needs

More often than not, love fades or dies naturally in a relationship, especially when partners can’t meet each other’s needs. 


Many relationships have ended and marriages divorced due to partners’ inability to meet each other’s needs. 


Just like basic human needs, relationships have needs. And when partners fail to meet these needs over time, the relationship gradually slips into a coma.


When at this stage, the love will die a natural death. 


It’s quite unfortunate that more than 40% of people in a relationship are there for the wrong reasons. 


Perhaps, they are dating their partners because of their physical features or materialistic reasons. 


People like these won’t even know their relationship needs let alone meet them. 


So, if you want to keep your partner alive and evergreen, take note of these basic emotional needs in a relationship. 


  • Affection 


  • Acceptance


  • Autonomy


  • Validation


  • Security


  • Trust


  • Empathy


  • Connection 


  • Prioritisation 


  • Space. 


When these are absent in a relationship, the love will fade over time. 

#3. Inability to Keep That Dopamine Buzz Going 

Still wondering what makes love fade? Perhaps, you and your partners aren’t keeping that dopamine buzz going. 


You know, it’s the same dopamine that made you become interested in your partner in the first place. 


But most times, this dopamine only responds to things that are new and possible. 


That is why the dopamine excitement partners have when they start dating initially fades over time. 


The excitement will go with it. 


For this reason, relationship experts always advise couples to find reasons beyond the dopamine thrill to keep your love fresh and green. 


And one of the best ways to do this is to keep your love fresh is to always appreciate your partners. 


Appreciate them for the little things and of course, let them know how much you love them. 


Keep telling them everyday. It rejuvenates your love, keeps it fresh, and makes it evergreen. 


By now, you know what makes love fade. Regardless of how passionate you and your partner love each other, that love can still fade, unless you make an effort to keep it fresh and evergreen.

The easiest way to keep your love alive and fresh is to keep learning about yourself and your partner. 


Learn more about your fears and the false beliefs that fuel those fears. If you can do this, your relationship will become ever-evolving and new. 


You also need to keep your heart open, learn to take responsibility, and support each other during trying times. 


With this, your love will be compassionate, ever evolving, evergreen, and of course, fresh. 


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