What Makes a Man Leaves His Wife For Another Woman

The earlier you realize what makes a man leaves his wife for another woman, the better. This will help you position yourself as a single or married lady to keep your man with you for a long time.


In some perfect world, your man would have eyes only for you. He would walk into the room and immediately sense you. He’ll be content with you, provide all your needs, there’ll be no cheating, comparisons, abuse of any kind, heartache, and he’d always give you mind-blowing sex.


However, this is reality!


Mostly everyone has become calculating and transactional with the relationships in their lives. These days, if you want to keep someone in your life, you must be offering great value or possess the potential to do so.


The hustle is real, and even those who have it seems good still have to adjust, compromise and fight to keep what they have going on.


Even marriage doesn’t give a guarantee that your man won’t leave you. So, whether you’re a single or married lady, you always have to put in the work to keep your man.


And it starts with noting the points below about what can make a man leave his wife for another woman.

#1. Lack of appreciation

Common with men is the hero or savior complex that makes them always want to swoop in and save the day. They want to be able to cater to the needs of their loved ones and beyond.


It’s mostly how they feel important. It’s how they feel in control and like they’re doing something right in their life.


When the going is good, and needs are being met, appreciation from the woman will pour in unceasingly. The man wouldn’t have to wait for the praises to come in. But what happens when the going gets rough or when he’s not able to provide for you as much as your friend’s husband does for your friend?


Regularly showing gratitude is an acknowledgment of the man’s effort to make you comfortable. It can increase his satisfaction, commitment, and investment in the relationship. It can also prompt a man to work harder to give you all you want.


When the appreciation factor is missing, though, your man can start to feel not needed, unappreciated, less of himself, and disrespected.


This can push him out to seek importance and validation from another woman outside the marriage and can signal the end of your union.


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#2. Lack of emotional intimacy


Emotional intimacy refers to how you relate, respect, communicate, honor, and trust your partner. It also looks at how you handle conflicts, extend support, and all the effort you put in to keep your romance and love alive.


It’s safe to say that even the hardest of us (men) need some form of emotional intimacy and cushion. With how society dictates rules of conduct for men – like suppressing their emotions and not showing their vulnerabilities – emotional intimacy is one of the ways your man can feel secure, trusted, and loved.


When there’s a blatant disregard for emotional intimacy and stability in your home, it’s little wonder why the relationship crumbles.


This is a major factor that can push your man out of the home to go seek warmth, love, laughter and respect in the arms of another woman or (even women)!


Just like everyone else, men too crave to have their feelings understood and their needs anticipated. But this will not happen when there’s a lack of effort, to be honest, and authentic with your words and actions.


#3. Lack of sexual intimacy

Lack of sexual intimacy could be what makes a man leaves his wife for another woman.

Sex after a long day outside the house is like finally coming home. When inside you, he can let go of the challenges and hurts he’s faced during the day. It’s like being born with new strength and vitality to face the next day.


Having sex with you creates feelings of attachment, faith, trust, commitment, and reassurance that you completely want him and your marriage together.


Such that it’s not off to see him spend time thinking of ways to make it better for you or asking you questions that can help him please you better sexually.


If sex can elicit all these feelings, imagine the opposite of it. There’ll be a lack of intimacy, trust, communication, emotional connection, and attachment.


This can result in him seeking affairs outside of your marriage. Even if for a few hours, he just has the desire to connect with someone on a sexual level.


#4. Lack of intellectual conversations


Men like a good challenge, especially with someone they’re sharing their lives with. They want to converse on the same wavelength with their partner. They want someone who’s imaginative and isn’t afraid to share her opinions or is consistently learning new things.


Conversing intelligently not only helps couples with easy expression, but it also helps them manage and control their emotions sensibly.


With it, you get to learn about your partner in a deeper sense, keep your relationship exciting, and even birth ideas that change the income game of the family.


On the other hand, when the conversations between partners begin to feel boring; begins to feel like a competition; never goes past small or mundane talks; makes one person lose confidence in themselves; this can result in the husband seeing his wife as no longer mentally stimulating and can push him to seek for relationships outside the marriage.


How can you keep your man with you for a long time?

Now that you understand what makes a man leaves his wife for another woman, lt’s time to learn how to keep a man for as long as you want.

Love and develop yourself

Loving yourself involves taking out time to study yourself outside of your marriage. You have an obligation to constantly love yourself because no one else can do it for you.


So, you’re taking out retreat time to study what makes you tick; what your love languages are; what your values are; your preferred mode of communication; what dress sense appeals to you more; what your purpose and goals are; etc.


You’re also taking out time to develop yourself, to read more, and network more so that you bring meaningful additions to your relationship as a result.


Keep an open mind about sex


Sex is like a gauge that lets you in on your relationship’s direction.


There’ll be different seasons in your marriage, and this will tell on your sex life. But the most important thing is to put your partner first and to always keep an open mind.


When you can approach sex from a non-judgmental and relaxed attitude, you’ll find it easy to fall in sync with your partner.


If the encounters do not hurt or make you uncomfortable, be willing to try the act over and over again. Remember, it’s just the both of you, and you have all the time in the world.


Importantly, also communicate what you’d like. Men aren’t exactly comfortable with an ‘oh yes’ partner all the time. As long as you want to please him, also remember that it takes two to tango.


Try out new styles together; role plays if you have to; flirt with each other during the day; sex text if you have to; don’t hold back on touch or physical display; talk about how satisfying your encounters are afterward; don’t use sex as a tool to get even or bargain; get out of your comfort zone; find common ground for things you aren’t exactly comfortable with.


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Prioritize your partner


Prioritizing your partner means that you’re actively showing him that he matters to you.


Even as life gets busier for you both, you’re still deliberate about planning date nights, picking up his favorite wine, shirt, or desert. You’re extending words of encouragement via texts and calls, and you don’t hesitate to sing his praises at every opportunity you get.


The most important thing is to prevent complacency from setting in your relationship. Where you have to do the same things, go through the same routine, and leave your relationship to chance and luck.


It’s true that the dating stage is over, and responsibilities are screaming your names, but you have a lifetime together, which means that there’s still so much to learn and practice together.


You might not be everything to your partner, but nothing can trump love, support, understanding and warmth. Even when there’s an obvious intellectual difference in the relationship, you’re both striving to learn and do better, especially in the area of communication.


You’re also on the lookout for mutual interests and projects you can try out together to solidify your relationship.


Your goal is to make your partner comfortable enough to share or unload their feelings or burden on you. Which is usually a common sign that your relationship is progressing well.


Now that you realize what makes a man leave his wife for another woman, the onus is on you to practice self-development and general improvements in your life, whether as a single or married lady.


Your personal growth and willingness to learn will often reflect in your relationship and translate to renewed commitment, reassurance, intimacy, and longevity.

Now you understand what makes a man leaves his wife for another woman. Take note of these things, and start treating your hubby with care and attention.

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