What It’s Like to Be a Sigma Male in Today’s Society

To be a sigma male in today’s world is to be honest and open up to yourself. It’s quite unfortunate that many men live in denial these days. 


Once you aren’t comfortable with a situation, don’t suck it up. That is not being a sigma, rather it’s being stupid. 


Expressing how you feel as a sigma male doesn’t make you appear weak. Even if you are to move past a situation, you still need to calmly express how you feel. 


There are so many Beta and broken men out there who parade themselves as sigma males. 


But in a real sense, these people are either Narcissists or Dark empaths. 


The real sigma males have a high level of emotional control. Even though they act tough in challenging times, they won’t hide their feelings in silence. 


The lone wolves will express how they feel about a particular system or situation. Of course, they won’t be emotional about it, they will do it in the most calm way. 


You can’t call yourself a true sigma male, if you can’t express your views or how you feel without fear of criticism. 


In fact, hiding your feelings is a recipe for depression, poor communication, and possible health challenges. 


The beauty of being a sigma male is that you walk your path in life. You don’t have to be held hostage by long held stereotypes or society’s beliefs. 


Being a Sigma male gives you the confidence to express yourself, share your thoughts, feelings, and desires. 


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The sigma males thrive on their authenticity and that is one of the reasons they are outstanding in the manosphere.


To be a sigma male in today’s society also means that you are self-aware and can operate in a much more complete and better version of yourself. 


The sigma males always express their creative sides without the fear of being put down, mocked, or tagged as weak. 


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Afterall, they don’t give a damn of what people think about them. And that is why they always live their life with less stress, less depression, and better long term health. 


When a sigma male is in a group, he’s often called Mr. Fix it. Because of their creative ability, they can easily resolve problems and challenges that other people see as impossible. 


Being a sigma male in modern society also means having a purpose. 


Sigma males believe that without a conscious life-purpose, a man is completely lost, drifting, adapting to events instead of creating them. 


When a man doesn’t know his life purpose, he lives a weakened, impotent existence. 


Regardless of the masculine energy you have, if you don’t identify your purpose and put it into use, it gets suppressed. 


And when this happens, it creates frustration, anger, and misery for you and those around you. 


But when you have a purpose, you can easily unite all your manly virtues and core principles under one roof. 


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The easiest way to find your purpose is to be authentic to yourself, discovering your value, and identify that thing that is so important to you. 


In a nutshell, sigma males in modern society embrace positive masculinity. They know how to use their physical and emotional strength to champion healthy behaviours and habits. 


The sigma males know that they are not perfect. In fact, they display their vulnerability, emotional intelligence, and moral courage. 


Always remember that being a sigma male means to be honest to yourself. To speak from a genuine and unapologetic place. 

Indeed, sigma males are the advancement of humanity and the gods among men. 

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