What Happens When a Sigma Male Meets a Narcissist

The Narcissist is one personality the sigma males can’t mingle well with. These people have an inflated opinion about themselves. 


Every Narcissist has an intense need for the admiration and attention of other people. The sigma males find everything about the Narcissist annoying. 


While Narcissistic personality traits turn many people off, these traits are influenced mainly by environmental factors like excessive parental pampering or childhood abuse. 


On the other hand, Sigma males are highly perceptive, mysterious, and elusive. 


They live their life outside the social dominance hierarchy and don’t give a damn about what people think of them. 


Today’s article will discuss what happens when a sigma male meets a Narcissist. 


When a Narcissist is in an environment, he loves to be in control and dominate everybody. 


However, the sigma males don’t attempt to control people. Instead, his exceptional qualities and unique perspectives automatically make him a leader. 


The question now is, what happens if a sigma male meets a Narcissist?


Can a sigma male work in the same space with the Narcissist? Will they crash, or can the sigma male ignore him completely?


Keep watching; you will know the answers to these questions in no time. 


Here’s what happens when a sigma male meets a dark empath; 


#1. They Can Never Be Compatible


How doesn’t matter how creative or hardworking a Narcissist seems, the sigma males can’t work with them. 


Ordinarily, the sigma males don’t like being led, except the person is unique and has exceptional qualities. 


But Narcissists have a dominant personality; they want to be ahead of everybody, even though they are just coming. 


The sigma males will find this behavior really irritating and will try to call them to order. 


So, the chances of these two personalities working together and being friends is slim, but it’s possible. 


#2. The fight for Space May Ensue


Narcissists tend to encroach on the sigma males’ space. And this is something the lone wolves won’t take likely. 


Remember that the sigma males enjoy spending time alone to reflect on the world around them and recharge their creative energy. 


But when the Narcissists are in an environment, they want to take over everywhere. And they may end up encroaching on the sigma males’ space. 


When this happens, the fight for space and dominance will ensue. And Narcissists would always stop at nothing to have things their way. 


Most times, when the pressure from the Narcissist is too much and distracting the lone wolves from his creative process, he may leave the environment for the Narcissist. 


The sigma male values his creative mind and sanity more than anything you can think of. 


And the sigma males see whatever disrupts their time alone as a serious distraction. And they cut it off by all means possible. 


When the sigma male and a Narcissist are together, the Narcissist may appear to be the dominating personality. 


But the sigma males will be behind the curtains pulling the strings. 


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#3. The Sigma Males Can’t Stand the Narcissist Lies


The language of every Narcissist is lies. There’s no way you can tell if a Narcissist is telling the truth because this personality has honed their talent in the art of lying. 


Because the Narcissist wants people to admire them, they may end up boasting about false achievements. 


These people see lying as a method of procuring their desires, and they continue to lie without feeling guilty. 

But the sigma males can easily tell when a Narcissist is lying and probably walk away from the conversation. 


#4. The Sigma Males Spot their Cunningness Immediately 


Narcissists are so cunning. Lying and trying to be in control is not new to them. And because they lie without guilt and have an unquenchable thirst for power, they are master manipulation. 


Narcissistic personalities always try to bring people down using passive-aggressive means. This could be bragging about their wins, trying to downside other people’s achievements, etc. 


But because the sigma males are self-aware and highly perspective, they can easily spot the cunningness and passive-aggressive behavior in a Narcissist’s action. 


From the way Narcissist gossips, blames, and backstab other people, the sigma males already form an opinion about them. 


The lone wolves know how dangerous the Narcissists are; they always give them an arm’s length. 


#5. Narcissists Will Always get on the Sigma Males’ Nerves 


Narcissists don’t care about other people’s feelings. All they are interested in is to barrel into perfection all the time. 


The sigma males find the constant hassle for supremacy by the Narcissists tiring and could frustrate the lone wolves. 


Sometimes, the sigma males may resign from working in an environment because of a Narcissist boss or colleague. 


#6. Narcissists Don’t Forget Other People’s Mistakes 


One peculiar thing about Narcissists is that they always hold grudges against people. Perhaps, it’s because it makes them stay in control. 


For instance, once a narcissist is losing an argument, they may end up rattling the other person’s mistakes just to have the controlling power over the argument. 


Narcissists don’t have an iota of patience and consideration for other people. They may even fight someone for making a silly mistake. 


These toxic traits are why sigma males can’t even stand a narcissist, let alone work together. 


Narcissists don’t like to be in a position where they will appear submissive or weak. 


Have you had an encounter with a Narcissist? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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