What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

It’s easy to break up with anybody. But it is often difficult to handle its after effect. It doesn’t matter whether you initiated the breakup or not; you will always experience post break up syndrome. And dreaming about your ex is one of them. If you have been asking the question “what does it mean when you dream about your Ex?”, this article is for you. 

Nothing is as scary or disturbing as dreaming about your Ex lover. It often triggers the feelings you are trying so hard to forget. Most times, when you dream about an ex-lover too much, it may start affecting your current relationship or marriage.

It’ll bring back old memories, and you may end up comparing your present partner with your former lover. Here are some possible reasons why you dream about your ex. 

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex ? 8 Possible Reasons They Keep Appearing On Your Dream

#1. You Are Worried About How You End Things

If you still have unresolved feelings towards your former lover, you may likely dream about them often. Now don’t get me wrong. Unresolved feelings in this context don’t necessarily mean romantic feelings. But it could be some other issues. 

It could be that you are looking for closure or an answer to why certain things happened between you guys. Imagine dating someone for several years, and they just ended things up with you over text without explanation. 

Breakups like these are always terrible and painful to forget. You will keep asking yourself questions. And you will need answers to these questions.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you may end up dreaming about your former lover more often. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are still in love with that person. But you just need to know why they left the way they did. 

#2. You Are Worried About Being Successful In Your New Relationship

Another answer that best fits the question “what does it mean when you dream about your ex”? Is that you are possibly scared about the success of your new relationship. 

It usually happens when your relationship with your former lover didn’t end up on a good note. So, you are probably scared that the dark cloud of heartbreak is hovering around you. 

#3. It Could be More Complicated than You Think 

Far from what people think, dreams are more symbolic than literal. In other words, dreaming about them could be an indication that you are healing fast from the breakup.

It could also be that you are still feeling bad about the fact that they left you. Indeed! It can be more complicated than you think. 

But if you keep dreaming about them. Think about how things ended between you guys. And what you could have done differently. It doesn’t matter whether you mess up things or not, think of how to prevent it from happening in your next relationship. 

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#4. You Are Still In Love With Your Ex

You are still wondering what does it mean when you dream about your ex? Well, it could be an indication that you are still very much in love with them. Sounds crazy, huh? That’s what you will think, but in the real sense, you may not be over them just yet. 

While there are different reasons why you may think of your former lover, you still in love with them is just one of them. 

So, I advise you to ask yourself what you are genuinely looking for. If you can do this, you can finally make peace with your past. 

#5. Sometimes It’s More About You

We are to go by psychics analysis, seeing your ex-lover in a dream could be a part of you. In fact, it could indicate that you are giving up on yourself too quickly. 

Seeing in your dream could be the part of you that’s guilty about the past. Whichever way, it’s time to snap out of your bitterness and face reality.

Stop blaming yourself for what happened to you guys. Don’t forget that a relationship is a two-way thing. Instead of blaming yourself for giving up on the relationship, you can decide to let everything slide. And start on a fresh note. 

#6. You Are Scared Of Being Heartbroken Again

Are you still curious about what does it mean when you dream about your Ex? What if I tell you that you are scared of someone else hurting you? Well, that’s one of the reasons you are probably dreaming about your former lover. 

This might often happen to you if your last breakup was a terrible experience. I don’t have much to say about this. But you have to learn how to trust your next partner irrespective of your experience. Otherwise, it could ruin your new relationship. 

#7. You Are Battling So Hard To Forget About Them After A Terrible Breakup

Sometimes, if you didn’t end things well with your former lover, it could be the reason for recurring dreams. Perhaps, you never had the chance to ask for their forgiveness or forgive them for what they did to you. 

So, make peace with your ex. I’m not trying to say you should get back together. No, that’s far from it. But you can forgive them from your heart and move on. And if the breakup was your fault, you can go and ask them for forgiveness. With this, you will stop dreaming about them for good. 

#8. You Miss The Beautiful Memories You Had With Them

Let me answer the question of what does it mean when you dream about your ex from a completely different angle.

 It’s possible that you still miss some of the memories you had with your former lover. Perhaps, that’s why you have been missing them more often. And if you fail to move on quickly, you may find it difficult to be committed to your next partner. 

These are the possible reasons why you keep seeing your ex-partners in your dream. And I hope I have been able to provide answers to the question “what does it mean when you dream about your ex.

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