What Do Men Think About the Women They Like?

These days, it’s probably easier to think that women are pickier than men. Hence, the question, what do men think about the women they like, doesn’t come up at all. However, this isn’t always the case.


The same way women have a list of what they want from men, it is the same way men have too. They may be less vocal about it, or be more willing to adjust to fit around the women they like, but there are general things they appreciate in the women that they like.


As human beings, we’re naturally attracted to beautiful things, both what is physical and on the inside. Men are just as attracted to certain qualities as women, and they appreciate these qualities even more when the women they like possess them.


Interested to find out what men think about the women they like? Keep on reading.


#1. They think that their women are beautiful


If you’re his woman, then rest assured because he thinks that you’re beautiful. The same way women are attracted to masculine, fine men is the same way men are attracted to beautiful, feminine women.


He enjoys how you can go on dates with him or walk into a room full of people and have everyone stare at you. To him, that spells confidence, responsibility, and that you have your life together.


Plus, whenever he decides that he wants you to meet his family and friends, he can be certain that he won’t be embarrassed by your looks or dressing. It’s super important for men that they avoid embarrassing situations by all means!


Your femininity screams class, high-value and ‘handle with care’ to him. Hence, he knows that working hard is the only option because it’s how he’ll maintain your beauty, smile and glow.


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#2. They think that their women are funny


Well, to be fair, when you’re in love, you’ll find your partner’s jokes funny – whether they are or not. You just find that you’re laughing in sync most times and that you’re completing each other’s sentences a lot.


There’s just the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for meeting this great person and connecting with them on such a personal and emotional level. Even though you’re still trying to gauge each other, you’re both excited about whatever both of you are saying, and it shows in the willingness to react to whatever is being said.


But the point is that he sees you as someone who can crack a joke or two or respond to his. Life is already too serious to be with someone who can’t break out a good laugh now and then. It’s too serious to be with someone who can’t take a jab or two comfortably without feeling awkward.


At the back of his mind, he’s glad that he’s with this woman whom he can go out on dates with and not be worried that she wouldn’t fit in with his friends or family. As a result, there’s just an overall sense of comfort and calm.


#3. They think that their women are smart and intelligent


Men like to think that they aren’t shallow or stupid people. Since they aren’t, then the women that they like or want relationships with have to be smart and intelligent.


It’s sexy when you can contribute meaningfully to conversations in different fields. You might not know everything pertaining to a field or industry, but you know more than ‘who’s wearing what today’ on Instagram or who’s just bought the latest limited edition from Zara.


Being beautiful and intelligent is like the full package. He can totally trust you to be intelligent enough to hold conversations and win his friends to your side. He knows that you’ll sensibly converse with his family when it’s time. And, of course, your private conversations will be rich and diverse.


This is in addition to the point that talking intelligently makes you someone that can easily have the difficult conversations that come with relationships. In your dealings with people, they can tell that you’re more than just a pretty face and that you have a lot to offer.


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#4. They think that their women are caring


If you’re constantly making attempts to listen to him, offer him solutions, or refer him to people that can help him with anything, he’ll definitely think that you’re caring.


Really, when you like someone, there’s that compulsion to make sure that they’re always fine and that everything is going okay with them.


This can translate to doing little things such as sending check-in messages, dropping words of encouragement occasionally, picking up his laundry, making his favourite meal or buying him his favourite dessert.


Men have emotions too, and even though they are used to acting unemotional or being the hero, they still want someone with whom they can be vulnerable with at the end of the day. They want someone that they can talk to and forget about the stressful or horrible day they’ve had.


#5. They think that their women are confident


If a guy likes you and is probably thinking about going into a relationship with you, then he definitely thinks that you’re confident and responsible (or that you have the potential for both).


Confidence is not being rude, cocky and unable to filter your words per environment. It is being comfortable in your skin and femininity and knowing full well what strengths you’re bringing to the table. There’s no jealousy, unhealthy competition or comparison with your partner.


There’s also the part that when you’re confident, the probability that you’ll be strong, outspoken, outgoing, and independent is high.


It is having a life of your own that is separate from what you share with him. When you’re having fun with your people, you’re giving him the space that men need from time to time. As much as he knows that he’s in a relationship, he’ll still want space for himself from time to time.


How to get a guy who likes you to move you from the friendship-zone


You now know what men think about the women they like. Just in case you’re all of that, or you have the potential to be all that, how do you get a nice guy to see you, like you, and importantly, not ‘friend-zone’ you?


#1. Confess how you feel


Telling a man that you might have feelings for him can be very difficult. There are just so many things that could go wrong – like getting rejected, embarrassed, and not taken seriously.


Even though these fears are real and legitimate, in the end, you’ll rest better knowing that you followed your heart and tried to explore that option.


Regret can be unsettling, and in some cases, devastating. That’s not the type of feeling you want to get whenever you’re around him. Plus, who’s to say that you wouldn’t get a yes for an answer?


#2. Meet new people


Unavailability could be the trick that gets you out of the friend-zone space. It sparks an air of mystery around you and your activities.


It can prove difficult for a guy to really see you when you’re always in his space and responding when he as much as sneezes. Meeting new people provides both of you with the distance you need to reassess your situation.


For him, he can suddenly see you and your girlfriend qualities with renewed eyes. For you, you might discover that the feelings for him aren’t as strong and may even end up even feeling attracted to someone else!


#3. Pay attention to your looks


It’s understandable that you’re now very chummy and comfortable with him. You don’t feel the need to play dress up or make attempts with your face and hair anymore.


However, in the end, you’re a female, and he’s a male.


Men are very visual people and are moved by what they see a lot. You can’t expect him to see you in a different light when you’ve not done anything out of the ordinary. Because he’s so used to you and how you look, there’s nothing refreshing or exciting to look forward to with you.


No one is asking you to go overboard by visiting a salon or boutique whenever you have to go out with him. Girly clothes and simple makeups can add that touch of mystery and femininity and play a big role in switching things up for you both.


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#4. Don’t be overly friendly


You’re not one of his ‘bros!’ If you let him continue to see you this way, then you’ll remain in the friend-zone space longer than you want.


It’s pretty normal that he considers you one of his guys when you’ve been friends for a long time. This over-familiarity can cause him to see you in the friendship light and not make any attempts to get you to date.


If your goal is to become a girlfriend, then reduce the teasing and overly friendly banters. Pay more attention to how you dress when you’re going out. Suggest dates and other changes that can gradually make him start to see you in a light that is different from friendship.


At the end of the day, remember that the goal is to build intimacy, closeness and a relationship with him.

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