What a Man Wants in a Woman He Wants to Marry?

You’re not desperate because you’re searching for what a man wants in a woman he wants to marry. Neither are you basic if what you think about a lot is how to get married and to settle down soon.


Look at it this way – the same way you have a list of the general things you’d want in the man you’d like to marry is the same way men are entitled to their lists of wants.


When paid proper attention, their list can even throw insight into the signs a man exhibits if he’s thinking of you as someone he wants to settle down with or someone he just wants to play around with.


Ultimately, knowing what a man wants in a woman he’s serious about can help you position properly to snag that man you’ve had the hots for or to keep the one you’re with presently permanently.


So, unto the list of what a man wants from a woman he wants to marry –


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#1. Ability to dress and ‘package’ well


This sounds superficial, right? But what will get a man talking to you in the first place is most likely how you’re dressed and packaged. So, in this sense, never underestimate the popular saying that men are moved by what they see.


However, beyond creating the right first impression with how you’re dressed, there are other reasons why packaging influences how a man sees and considers you when it comes to marriage.


Your ability to dress well tells a man that you’re responsible. Even if you both don’t have all the money in the world, you won’t go about wearing your problems on your sleeves for the world to see.


Packaging also assures a man that he can confidently present you to his friends and family and not worry about how you hold up on your end. In more ways than one, dressing well is a confidence booster for not just you but him as well.


So, your dressing and packaging well throw off hints of competence, responsibility, homeliness, and confidence. Still wondering what a man wants in a woman he wants to marry? how well you dress and present yourself is important.

#2. How trustworthy are you?


Now that you’ve captured the man, the next thing he’s on the lookout for is how trustworthy you are. In other words, he wants to know if you’re dependable, reliable, faithful, steadfast in affection and allegiance, honest, and honourable.


At this stage, he’s asking questions like:


Does she handle her friendships with commitment?


Is she honest in her dealings with people?


Can I trust her with my dreams and finance?


How will she react if we have money problems?


Is she expressive and communicative with her feelings?


Can I trust her to handle the home when I’m not around?


Will my kids be safe with her?


How will she handle herself in the presence of my friends? (Is she sexually loose?)


How does she handle mistakes and apologies?


Is she verbally abusive?


Can I trust her to always respect me?


Because in the end, even men realize that the physical alone cannot make a home or keep a marriage for years.


You have to show some proof of internal and mental capability, emotional stability, or be willing to try at least.


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#3. Vision compatibility


You know you’ve gone a level higher when your man starts asking significant questions about long-term goals, value system, religion, career paths, starting a family, investment, and retirement plans.


At this point, he’s checking for vision compatibility, positivity, and the guaranteed level of support he can get from you in the future.


Plus, beyond sharing your lives together, the man will usually feel more secure and confident when there are common goals you both are striving towards.


It is, therefore, in your best interest to start dreaming ‘big’ and getting your life together because vision compatibility questions are big determining factors on whether you’ll secure the ring or not.


An easy way to start building your vision will be to ask yourself the following questions:


What are my values?


Your values refer to your beliefs, and they guide you when you have to make small or big decisions.


Here you have questions like, is money more important than my peace of mind?

Would I prioritize work over family?

Do I believe in taking responsibility for my actions?

What kind of people do I like?

How do I like to relax?

What are my deal breakers in a relationship?

Do I believe in giving back to society?

Is religion important to me?

Alternatively, you can ask your friends and loved ones to tell you how they see you know your values.


What are my areas of strength and weakness?


See it this way; there’s that one house chore you hate to do. It could be washing, ironing, cooking or even making the bed. This represents your area of weakness.


But on the other hand, you know that you excel in haggling prices at the market, matching colours, or planning events. This represents your strengths.


The important thing about strengths and weaknesses is to realize them and be willing to work on both if need be.


#4. How do you handle money?


When society expects that the bulk of the money should come from the guy in a relationship, it’s little wonder why men will be particular about the spending habits of the woman they want to marry.


Also, considering how money can be a major cause of arguments and unhappiness in a relationship, it’s best for the both of you to be on the same page finance-wise.


How money is handled is often an indication of how literate a person is financially.


So, he’s looking to see if you believe in setting financial goals;

if a financial compromise is going to be an issue for you;

if following a budget is going to cause problems;

Also if he can trust you to caution him when he’s becoming financially reckless;

if he can trust you to assist with set financial goals;

if you believe he should be the sole breadwinner of the family;

and if you’re willing to learn about financial literacy.


These are some of the questions he’s asking finance-wise.


In addition, it wouldn’t be wrong or out of place if he wants some assurance that he’s safe with you if something were to happen to him financially in the future.


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#5. Sexual willingness


As normal as it sounds, sex is a big deal for men. And this is so for a number of reasons:


  • Men see sex as a way get satisfaction as well as bond and get close to the women they love.


  • sex can be an outlet for expressing emotions. When their woman responds to them sexually, it is a sign of their investment and commitment to the relationship.


  • sex acts as a boost to their ego. When their women respond to them sexually, it means they’re doing something right and that their women are hooked on only them.


  • Men can be pretty vulnerable, so the lack of sex can mean that there’s something they should be worried about.


  • Generally, he wants to know if he can rely on you to take care of him sexually and, importantly, if you’re open to teaching and learning when it comes to bedroom matters.

#6. Does she have a life of her own?


The way men and women view space is quite different. When a man asks for space, the lady readily thinks that it’s a prelude to a breakup and starts to panic.

In marriage, it can translate to feeling that the man is becoming overfamiliar or tired of her presence.


However, for the man, they mostly ask for space in a relationship in order to make some room for themselves while still being with someone else.


And this is perfectly normal because even though you’re in a relationship or married, it is important that you both still hold on to your individualities and the lives you have outside of the relationship, not only the one you’re creating together.


When you have a life of your own, that has your friends, your unique set of interests, and are able to define yourself outside of your spouse or relationship, the likelihood of being happier and less bored is high.


Also, considering how people believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder, it is possible that spending time apart in a relationship can pull you both closer.


So, space and having a life independent of him is a factor men consider when picking their wives. Even though they want to feel needed, they still need space occasionally to be themselves.


Feeling overwhelmed already? (Well, no one said that landing a husband, especially a good one, would be easy work!)


But on the flip side, you can see this list of what a man wants in a woman he wants to marry as an avenue to grow and develop yourself.


So that when the man shows up, it’ll be mostly smooth sailing for the both of you. And you both can focus your strength and attention on the advanced aspects of your relationship instead of starting at the beginning.

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