Weighted Squats: Common Mistakes People Make When Performing Weighted Squats In 2023

Common mistakes people make when performing weighted squats

Since limb length differs from person to person, the squat posture cannot be generalised for everyone. However, there are some common mistakes people tend to make during weighted squats that they should avoid. Here are a few examples of common mistakes:

1. People jump on executing the squats rather than going through a progression of that particular squat which results in the wrong posture, leading to injury.

2. People try to do more squats than their body can tolerate, which leads to injury in the lower back. A lot of stress comes your way if you go beyond your body tolerance range while trying to copy someone else.

3. People bring both knees closer to each other with a tremendous amount of force that leads to knee valgus- a lower leg deformity.

4. People raise or twist their knees while doing squats making them susceptible to damage.

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