6 Things To Jumpstart Wedding Planning In 2023

Wedding planning can be a lot. The stress of making sure everything flawlessly comes together can even put a strain on your relationship with your fiancé. The good news is there are many things you can do to jumpstart your wedding planning early. Remember you don’t have to take on every single responsibility yourself or place an endless amount of pressure on your fiancé either. If you chip away at wedding planning little by little, by following this list, you won’t feel excessively overwhelmed by the time your big day finally rolls around.

Share the news with loved ones

As tempted as you might be to immediately share the exciting news of your engagement on social media, it’s crucial to share the news with your loved ones first. Before snapping too many pictures of your sparkling engagement ring to upload to Instagram or Twitter, hop on a FaceTime call with your most cherished family members to inform them of your life update.

Before you make a precious TikTok video you’ll eventually repurpose on Snapchat and Facebook, make sure you reach out to all your closest friends. Forgetting to tell people who love you about your engagement before posting about it on social media can lead to some uncomfortable conversations down the line. Keep in mind that the people who love you most likely want to feel that they’re in the loop about major updates in your life before the entire world finds out.

Celebrate with your new fiancé

You’re only going to get engaged once with your fiancé, so it makes sense to celebrate the moment it unfolds. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your special someone and you’ve waited for this moment to arrive, it’s vital to savor the bliss without letting it pass too quickly. Now that you’re engaged, you don’t have to jump right into the stress of planning a wedding within 24 hours.

Instead, you both should celebrate this exciting milestone in your lives. Think about going to dinner at a fancy restaurant where the two of you can dress up, sip champagne, and bask in an upscale ambiance. Consider taking a small vacation somewhere, sometimes called an “engagement-moon,” to revel in each other’s company. If you’ve spent the bulk of your relationship remaining local in whatever city you live, why not embark on an adventure somewhere new while celebrating your upcoming marriage?

Create a wedding inspo Pinterest page

Pinterest is a wonderful social media platform to use if you’re interested in finding beautiful wedding inspiration. Professional wedding planners, photographers, and venue owners are constantly uploading videos and pictures of the gorgeous weddings they’re in charge of managing. Blushing brides and giddy grooms have also been known to share memories of their breathtakingly beautiful wedding days on Pinterest as well.

Pinterest is a great place to check for inspiration in regards to wedding day decorations, floral arrangements, wedding gown styles, wedding song playlists, wedding dinner entrées, and much more. Find the Pinterest app on your Apple iPhone or Google Play Store for free. Once you’ve created your own individual Pinterest account, start pinning things that interest and excite you to different boards. Or, you can create one giant board that’s specific to your upcoming wedding, filled with anything wedding-related you come across.

Follow Instagram, TikTok wedding inspo

It’s obvious that Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to use for wedding planning, but that’s not a knock against other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You can still find loads of wedding inspiration on Instagram and TikTok thanks to the simplified search bar access you have on both, as well as the ease you’ll have in tapping different relevant hashtags.

On TikTok specifically, women who are getting married within the year (or the following year) are able to join together in communication under hashtags like #2023bride and #2024bride. Tapping the hashtag that’s relevant to you gives you the chance to interact with other brides who are in the same phase of planning. It also allows you to gauge how much progress you’ve made in comparison to other brides who are planning to get married within the same timeframe as you.

Build a wedding gift registry with your fiancé

One of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning is building a gift registry with your fiancé. This is a great time for the two of you to enjoy the moment while getting excited about all the lovely gifts you’re about to receive. When you get married, your friends, family members, and loved ones are fully aware you’re building a life with your person.

Whether the two of you already live together or not, it’s possible you’ll need new appliances to share, new bedsheets, new pieces of technology, new furniture, and more to get your lives together started. Make your gift registry as outrageous as you want, depending on how you and your fiancé are feeling! Also, pay close attention to your actual needs on top of your wants. The registry should be filled with a good number of essential and fun items.

Ensure your ring is properly sized and insured

Now that you have a stunning ring on your finger, you need to make sure it’s both properly sized and insured. There’s a chance your ring isn’t the right size if your fiancé went out of their way to keep you in the dark about their proposal plans. If they genuinely wanted you to be surprised on your engagement day, they likely didn’t have the chance to ask you questions about your finger size at any point.

Wearing a ring that could fall off at any moment means you’re risking the chance of losing it wherever you go. As soon as you realize the ring isn’t fitting you flawlessly, head to the jeweler where it was purchased to have it properly sized. Next, you or your fiancé should contact your insurance company to ensure the ring is covered in case of loss, theft, or damage.


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