5 Purple Wedding Cake Ideas for a Striking Look In 2023/2024

When it comes to choosing your cake design, you can either go all out with a completely purple base or elevate a white background with purple garnishes. A multi-tier confection covered in purple buttercream or fondant is an unexpected display that will instantly grab everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, purple flowers, berries, or hand-painted illustrations will add more visual intrigue to a simple white cream. To really up the ante, you can also infuse other colors and textures to the design.

Engulf It in Buttercream

 Buttercream is a classic choice to frost your dessert, but instead of the typical white hue, why not switch things up with purple? An ombré mauve design is a trend-setting way to animate ripples of icing. For the cherry on top, adorn with figs and posies in purples tones.

Dress It Up With Pink Accents

If you’re looking for a fun complimentary color to purple, try pink. Together, these bright hues evoke a playful, cheery look, especially for spring. At blogger Nardine Marie’s wedding, pampas grass, feathers, and baby’s breath in purple and pink tones appeared as if they were growing out of a seven-tier cake, which enhanced the intricate piping and edible pearls on the confection.

Incorporate a Cascade of Flowers

One of the best ways to accentuate any cake is with florals. A  cascade of blooms in purple shades across your cake will draw the eye from the top to the bottom of your design. Since orchids are the largest bloom here, purple becomes the most pronounced hue. To offer a natural contrast, pair with pink roses and white peonies.

Feature Floating Tiers

Purple is already striking enough on its own, but when you use the shade to decorate floating tiers, your guests will really be blown away. Here, a lucite stand and plates in the same transparent material separate each tier, creating a “floating” illusion that emphasizes height. Against a white foundation, purple roses and peonies stand out, and they coordinate with the purple hydrangea surrounding it. We love this elevated option for glamorous or modern nuptials.

Choose a Watercolor Base

With hand-painted brushstrokes, your wedding cake will instantly become a masterpiece. A lilac wash of color painted across your indulgence will help produce a dreamy and romantic setting for your reception. Decorate with small edible flowers and real blooms in purple tones for a delicate touch.

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