The 3 Best Color Palettes For a 2024 May Wedding

Since May arrives just before the summer wedding craze, you’ll find that hotels, venues, and airfare offer more affordable rates in comparison.

Because May is brimming with vitality and vibrancy, this month gives way to so many gorgeous color schemes that complement the natural hues found in the surrounding landscape. From bright pink palettes with touches of orange to timeless shades of white and green, there is a combination out there for every type of wedding, whether it’s a garden ceremony, a backyard affair, or a beachside bash.

We tapped a handful of wedding planners who shared the color palettes that they love for a May wedding, plus their top tips for incorporating these hues into your special day. Ahead, the best color combinations for a May wedding.

White and Green

While white and green is a versatile choice for any time of the year, wedding planner Eva Clark says that this color combination is especially fitting for a May wedding. What’s more, it works with just about any wedding style. If you tend to gravitate toward more classic style, this color palette is one to consider. Whether you’re getting married indoors or planning an outdoor garden wedding  you can bring this combination to life with seasonal blooms and greenery down your aisle and across your reception tables. Have you been dreaming of a more bohemian style celebration bohemian style celebration ? Build off the color palette with rattan lanterns and pampas grass during the ceremony and reception. And if a glamorous event is what you’ve always imagined, know that metallic flatware and gold-rimmed chargers play nicely with the color combination, too.

Pops of Pink

If you want a more playful color palette for your May wedding, consider pairing pops of bright, punchy pink with your favorite neutrals. “A prelude to summer, varied shades of pink are just plain fun,” Clark says. You can be as bold or subtle with the color as you like: We love ideas like sealing your invitations in a pink envelope or with a pink wax seal, exchanging vows in front of a pink floral arch, or dining at tables where clouds of pink baby’s breath, orchids, and roses tower above you. While white, acrylic, and metallic elements help this hue stand out the most, Clark suggests enlisting a Pantone color chart if you’re thinking about including additional tones into your event.

Pink and Orange

If you like pink but you’re not ready to commit to the hue alone, considering pairing it with a complementary color like orange. This colorful aesthetic is a befitting backdrop for ceremonies or receptions on a farm, vineyard, or beach. You can also integrate palm and monstera leaves for a tropical theme or incorporate a checkered tablecloth for a picnic-style party.

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