4 Steps to Play the Wedding Shoe Game In 2023

Lucky for you, this activity is one of the easiest games to play, in terms of the rules you have to follow. So, when the moment comes, enlist the help of friends and family to clear the dance floor and set it up.

Step 1: Set the Game Up

To set up the wedding shoe game, put two chairs back-to-back in the center of the dance floor or event space. You and your partner should then sit on the chairs, ensuring that you’re not able to see one another. Next, take off both of your shoes and swap one, which should result in you holding one of your partner’s shoes (and vice versa).

Step 2: Pick a Host

Once the game has been set up, you should then pick a host. This person may be a guest or someone in the bridal party, such as the best man or the maid of honor. However, be sure that this person is confident enough to speak in front of a crowd and has a loud voice (or a mic!).

For guests and wedding party members who’d like to organize this game, ensure that the couple is happy to play before making any plans.

Step 3: Start the Questions

Now the fun really starts! The host should start reading out questions about the couple. For example, one question may be ‘who made the first move?’ Throughout the game, the caller should ask around 20 to 50 questions, leaving a short pause between each one in order for you and your partner to answer, plus allowing time for guests to react.

Step 4: Raise the Shoes

When responding to the questions, though, you’re not allowed to shout out the answers. That’s where the shoes come in! When a question is asked, you should raise the shoe of the person the question describes.

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