Ways You Can Keep Your Emotions Under Check In 2023

How can emotions be kept under check?

A healthier way to cope with emotional distress is by keeping a check on your emotions. The expert lists down some of the ways in which one can feel more emotionally resilient and positive.

1. Move your body a bit daily

“Resorting to physical activities may help in the release of positive hormones like endorphin which is known to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety,” asserts Dr Jamati. Any form of daily physical workout gives a vent to your emotions and helps do away with any emotional build-up.

2. Mindful eating

The expert reckons that mindful eating can help the individual focus on internal cues for hunger. Emotional hunger can also be curbed by scheduling your meals.
Making it a conscious choice to be aware of what you feed your body can help cope with mindless eating.

Manage emotional eating to rule out the chances of catching chronic diseases. 

3. Positive self-talk

A lot of emotional upheaval and hunger can be dealt with by indulging in positive self-talk and showing compassion toward yourself. Choose your thoughts and words consciously. Making it a conscious choice to feed your mind with good, happy thoughts will take you a long way.

4. Seek support

The expert reckons, “Seeking support instead of isolating yourself can help with your healing journey and deal with stressful situations.” It’s important that you voice your emotions and get in touch with a mental health expert to learn ways that will help you handle your emotions.

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