8 Ways to Make a Woman Chase You Without Talking

If you give a lady the impression that you don’t play games, they would always chase you and want to be with you. You can always get any girl to chase you if you play hard to get. Even if you like the woman, don’t appear desperate. In this article, some of the ways to make a woman chase you without talking. 


Talk to her casually and don’t ask for her phone number or any other means of contacting her. If you can do this, you will hypnotize her with your love.



 Here are some unique strategies to make any woman chase you;


#1. Always Keep the Lead Open


If you want to make a lady chase you, it’s important to keep the lead open. If she enjoys your jokes, has fun chatting with you, and is always interested in your stories, keep doing it.


Regardless of your feelings towards a lady, don’t make the first move. If you do, her interest in you may naturally die.


Keep on building the progress, chat with her, think of more clever jokes to tell her, and don’t let her know your true intentions. It’s one of the best ways to make a woman chase you without talking. 


If you guys continue at this rate, she will get so used to you that she would naturally want to spend more time with you. At this point, she will be the one doing the chasing.

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#2. Put Her in the Friend Zone


Contrary to what you may think, guys can also put ladies in the friend zone. And once you friend-zoned a lady, she tends to be a little bit needy.


Friend-zoning a lady requires you to have control over your emotions. It may seem risky to you initially because you don’t want to lose her. 


However, if you succeed in friend-zoning her, she will do the chasing. And she would wonder if you are more than just a friend to her.


#3. Warm Up Her Social Circle


One of the best ways to make a woman chase you without talking is to warm up her social circle. Most times, a lady’s friends are extensions of herself. And she tends to take their opinion about you very seriously.


So, if you want to get her attracted to you, try to be her friends’ friend. Of course, some women may not have a social circle.


But for those that have, being part of the circle is the easiest way to hypnotize them with your love.


#4. Leave If You have to Leave


From a woman’s perspective, there are two kinds of guys – the ones who can always stay and the ones who have always got to go.


The irony of it all is that women would always chase the guys who can’t stick around. And if you make yourself that guy, you would probably get your lady’s attention.


#5. Tell Her She’s a Distraction


If you want a woman to chase you, stylishly tell her that she’s a distraction. Generally, women love men who are focused, productive, and hardworking.


And if you possess these traits, she will find you incredibly and chase-ably attractive. So, if you are always busy, the easiest way to get a girl to be more interested in you is to tell her that she distracts you nicely.


Hey! Don’t be rude about it. Let it sounds like a compliment. You can say, “babe, I find it impossible to ignore you whenever you are around me.”


#6. Make Every time You Spend with her Count


Make yourself very scarce to a woman you are interested in. Don’t sound desperate, and don’t be too available.


However, when you decide to spend time with her, make sure every moment you spend together count.


Look at her passionately when she talks, ask intriguing questions about her personality, listen to her, focus on her, and don’t constantly check your phone.


If you can do this whenever you guys are together, you tend to get her full attention, and she will want more of you. That is one of the best ways to make a woman chase you without talking. 


#7. Dare to Disagree


You don’t have to argue or disagree with a woman over little things. You will end up belittling yourself before her.


All you have to do is show you’re the woman you are interested in, your funny, smart, and semi-original thoughts of your own.


In the real sense, women don’t like a pushover or “yes” type of guy who will agree with anything she says.


They need a tough guy who doesn’t automatically nod or smile at everything. Of course, these kinds of guys are rare, and that is why women always chase them.


#8. Keep the Conversational Tension


One of the best ways to make a woman chase you without talking is to keep the conversational tension. Allow the lady to do most of the talking while you say little or less.


The approach tends to create an intriguing level of tension between you guys. And this goes a long way to make her more interested in you.


These are some of the ways to make a woman chase you without talking to them. Do you have any other tips to share? Kindly share in the comment below.


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