Ways To Cope With The Gym During Pandemic(2023)


So, this is what I did…

I did biceps curl with a water bottle
I can’t stop raving about this hack. I mean this is so much better than what I used to do at the gym. And the best part is that I don’t need to buy dumbbells to to workout at home. I can just use old plastic bottles. Since I am a cola buff, regrettably so, I have these bottles in all shapes and sizes. So, jackpot!

I did side bends with a random rod lying around on my terrace
When I was taking a stroll on my terrace the other day, I found a lot of junk lying there. Sure, my mom told me to get it sorted out, but I never got the time. And thank God I didn’t because I found a rod to help me with side bends. With this buddy with me, I now attack them love handles regularly.

I did the stepper with bricks
After discovering the water bottle and rod, ideas just kept flowing. So, I have made a DIY stepper from bricks. Well, it was no rocket science: I just put bricks on top of each other-et voila!

Of course, skipping, push-ups, and burpees have come handy during this time
Everything happens for good. I have always been an advocate of not using heavy-duty cardio machines in the gym, maybe this was the time I was prepping for. Now all my skipping, burpees, and push-ups skills are coming in handy for me. And both my cardio and muscle toning seshs are sorted.

Yoga is also keeping me sane
I can’t even start telling you how boring it is to stay and work from home. Self-isolation is hard man and it becomes all the more important to keep your mental health in check and that’s why I showed my trust in yoga or should i say power yoga. So, both my physical and mental health is now in check.

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