Ways To Act If You Constantly Miss Your Boyfriend

Whether you and your boyfriend are far apart because you live in different cities, you work in different buildings, or you just haven’t seen him in awhile, missing the man in your life is a feeling that is hard to reconcile with.

Regardless of the situation, it’s always a bummer to feel a yearning for your partner. If you find yourself constantly missing your boyfriend, or even occasionally missing your boyfriend, there are things you can do to help the situation. Rather than dwelling on the sadness, the unfairness, or the general longing, try these few things the next time you really miss your boyfriend.

Reach out to him.
Whether it’s via text message, phone call, email, Facebook messenger, or even just posting a picture of him on social media, we have an endless number of ways to reach out to our loved ones these days. If you’re missing your boyfriend, simply shoot him a form of communication and wait for him to respond.

Take time for yourself.
Though it can be hard to be apart from your person, it’s also really important to check in with yourself and allow space and time to grow on your own. Being alone is hard for some people, but keep in mind that you will eventually—whether that’s tomorrow night, next week, or in three months—be back with your boyfriend. For now, read the book you’ve been promising yourself you’d finish. Journal your thoughts, both positive and negative. Spend time with your friends or family. Volunteer. Go running. Watch your favorite show over and over. Whatever you need to do to feel happy—take the time to do it and explore new sides of yourself you might not have had time for.

Write him a letter.
There’s a difference in sending a text message and writing a good old fashioned letter. When you’re missing your partner, what better way to reach out to them by writing your feelings out? Even if you just send a card with a quick note, the gesture feels special and warm and unique to your relationship. When is the last time, with your handwriting, you told your boyfriend you love and miss him?

The other perk of writing a letter is you can be a lot more expressive than you tend to be in a text message or a social media post. Letters can be lengthy, emotional, honest, romantic. Sure, texts can be those things as well, but there is something special about a letter—it’s something you can hold onto forever.

Watch a movie that reminds you of your love.
It’s ok to indulge in missing someone a little bit. Wanting to be with someone you love is part of the experience of being in love. So whether it’s his favorite movie, the movie you watched on your first date together, or just a movie that resembles your own relationship, you can definitely find comfort in art. Even better—if you two are apart, long distance or otherwise, try to watch the same movie at the same time and talk about it. It’s not quite the same as being cuddled on a couch, but there is something very sweet about syncing up your streaming plans.

Put on his favorite sweater.
Cheesy, but guaranteed to work. There’s something so romantic about cozying up in your boyfriend’s favorite oversized sweater or sweatshirt. If you don’t have any of his clothes to remind you of him when he’s away, next time you see him, ask him for an old baggy sweater or shirt to borrow. Just wearing his clothing and smelling his scent can make you feel like he’s holding you close.

Spend time with your friends.
Your friends are always there for you, even when you’re feeling sad and a bit mopey. If you just can’t stop missing your boyfriend, you may need a distraction, and who better to distract you than your best friends? It’s highly likely that your friends will understand and encourage you to talk about your boyfriend and your feelings. You can gush, cry, not talk about it at all, or whatever you need. Your friends, if they are good ones, will be there through it all.

Being separated from your boyfriend for whatever reason can be hard, but you can get through it. Keep your mind focused, your energy positive, and think to the future when you’ll be reunited again.

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