7 Ways Sigma Males Spot Fake Nice People

Sigma males so much dislike fake nice people. They appear friendly in your presence and say all sorts of nasty things about you when you are not there.


The lone wolves don’t take compliments from these people seriously because, in reality, they don’t have good intentions towards the sigma males.


Of course, sigma males don’t seek anybody’s validation. And he doesn’t care whether your niceness towards them is fake or sincere.


But in this article, we will discuss 7 Ways sigma males easily identify fake people and weed them out of their circle.



So, here are 7 ways sigma males easily identify fake nice people.


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#1. Humble Bragging


Humble bragging is one of the ways sigma males spot fake nice people. It is a situation whereby someone shows false modesty.


These people have a way of giving people the impression that they are downplaying their own accomplishments. But in reality, they are actually bragging about them.


For instance, somebody is humble bragging when he says, “I hate being wealthy because people ask me for money all the time.”


Sigma males prefer someone who genuinely brags about his accomplishment to humble bragging.


#2. Passive Aggressive Behavior


Once a sigma male notices passive-aggressive behavior in people, he avoids them as much as possible.


People with passive-aggressive behavior are very aggressive but pretend to be positive and friendly.


Sigma males know that people with this behavior have tried to suppress their rage in the past.


They are constantly struggling to maintain civility and sophistication. And when they are angry, they express it through passive-aggressive behavior.


Sigma males don’t like people who are not themselves. And once they notice that you have passive-aggressive behavior, they avoid you immediately.


Sigma males would rather stay friendless than be friends with Fake nice people.


#3. Fake Emotions


Faking emotions is one of the things that turn the sigma males off. It’s one of the ways they spot fake nice people.


Fake emotions could come in different ways. It could be fake sadness, remorse, etc. And once the sigma males realize that someone is trying to manipulate them through fake emotions, they immediately stay off that person.


Because sigma males understand human emotions so well, they can easily spot someone trying to fake their emotions.


And sometimes, the emotions that they show don’t make sense. They express it in the most exaggerated way. That makes it easy for sigma males to spot them.


#4. They Like to Gossip and Criticize Others


Fake nice people have a peculiar behavior of always bringing other people down just to get close to you.


Once a sigma male sees people behaving like this, he immediately knows they are fake. So, he avoids them by all means.


Every fake nice person you will meet loves to gossip, and they gossip in a way that makes them seem nice.


Sometimes, they may even act with a false sense of concern over what others are going through.


It may be difficult for other people to spot this behavior. But because of the intuitive nature of the sigma males, they can easily spot a fake nice person whenever they are showing false concern about other people’s misfortune.


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#5. They Can’t Listen


Sigma males don’t like people who can’t listen. People who always haste to talk about themselves when in a group.


If you can’t listen patiently with other people while they speak, sigma males will see you as fake nice people.


That is because real friendly people sit and listen to what you have to say, regardless of what you are going through.


But because fake nice people are self-centered, they will find it difficult to sit down and listen to people genuinely.


 A fake nice person’s mantra is me, myself, and I. It’s all about them. Of course, they will always act the part and eventually sway the conversation towards them.


#6. They Always Seem to Want Something


Have you ever asked yourself why fake nice people always act kind and considerate? Of course, it’s because they want something from you.


They try not to make it too obvious at the beginning. They will have a conversation with you normally but slowly steer the discussion towards what they need from you.


Sigma males understand that fake nice people always want to be at the receiving ends. They either want something from you or want you to do something for them.


So, once sigma males discover the real intentions behind their actions, they start avoiding them like the plague.


#7. They Are Only Nice to People Who Have Power  


A good way sigma males identify a fake nice person is that he only acts nicely towards those in power who can help them.


And most times, sigma males can quickly tell a lot about your personality based on how you treat people who are less fortunate or less powerful than you.


But if you always direct your positive energy and friendly behavior solely towards those in power, it’s obvious that you are fake.


And all these friendly behaviors you are showing to these people are not genuine.


These are the 7 ways sigma males spot fake nice people.


Do you have a friend who always shows you fake niceness? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you















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